Kim Gap-soo pointed out the social climate not the attack

Kim Gap-soo pointed out the social climate not the attack

Kim Gap-soo pointed out the social climate not the attack on Park Eun-bin

Kim Gap-soo

Kim Gap-soo cited Park Eun-bin as an example, pointing out the winners’ attitude and social climate while criticizing the 59th Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony at the recent “Jung Young-jin Choi Wook’s Maebul Show.”

At that time, Park Eun-bin was very surprised and cried after winning the grand prize in the TV category. In response, Kim Gap-soo said, “With the speech, all awards ceremonies end with ‘Thank you.’ 80-90% of the acceptance speech comments are “thank you” to anyone. I’m very sorry, but Park Eunbin won the grand prize. I will learn great and do well in the future. He cried and blew and spilt his nose, and said, “It’s very much.

In this regard, cultural critic Kim Gap-soo told iMBC Entertainment on the 3rd, “It doesn’t matter that there are many criticisms about me.” However, Park Eun-bin has become the subject of my story, he said. “I have thought that it is an immature society for our society to talk too much without the virtue of self-emotion control in the relationship between people.”

He then said, “I pointed out two things in the case of the award ceremony. One is that there is no content of the speech, and only thank-you greetings for individuals are repeated. When you are in the spotlight, you need to suppress your emotions, he said. “It is too common to reveal your emotions only with tears.” There was no intention of attacking Park Eun-bin. He explained, “I just took it as an example because it was the winner of the grand prize and the most revealed person.”

Kim Gap-soo added an explanation to convey a message about the overall popular culture in our society. He said, “I think the public’s empathy for celebrities and celebrities is too strong. He said that every aspect is good, close to worship, and if you are selected as a villain by accident, all criticism comes out,” and added, “People’s deviation is not that great. Popular celebrities should be viewed with some interest, but their empathy is too much. He said, “I talked about what I usually felt about that.”

In addition, Kim Gap-soo said, “There is a part that I couldn’t say at the ‘Maebul Show’ that day.” Now, the entertainment industry in Korea has risen to a level that is noticeable to the world. This award ceremony was broadcast live, especially around the world, he said. “I hope the world will recognize that we are watching you cry, sniffle, and bow because you have no speech content and can’t control it.”

“I think it is difficult to list only names for people who are personally grateful in the contents of the speech. It’s something you can call and talk about the day after the event. However, when you give your acceptance speech, you must have thoughts on the area of activities. “Social remarks are possible, and various stories are possible enough,” he asked back.

Kim Gap-soo also cited the experience he had heard and seen. He said, “From what I’ve heard separately, there are often times when pressure is applied to the prospective winner of the award, saying, ‘You must mention the name of someone among the auditors,'” adding, “Isn’t it a very embarrassing story?” “I want to hear your thoughts on your inner thoughts and experiences, but I think it’s difficult to hear a lot of people’s names around you,” he expressed regret

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