Early presbyopia symptoms cataract myopia

Early presbyopia symptoms cataract myopia

Early presbyopia symptoms cataract myopia


The symptoms aren’t that you can’t see it close. It’s not that I’m going backwards because I can’t see it this close. I’m looking at my cell phone and working hard on the computer. I was looking at it, but when I pressed Choi, I suddenly couldn’t see it. This person appeared from his early 40s People in their mid-40s feel uncomfortable when they can’t see things close to them. People who wear glasses take off their glasses and try to make up for that

Old eyes are the same as gray hair It comes from someone and comes back when you’re old. It can come early for some, or it can come late for others He could be in the car, but Noah is really bad at lying, so even the wrong person knows how old this person is when I look at the lens In the past, meeting people and talking… Other computers, watching TV… It’s kind of far away I don’t watch TV these days. Everyone watches YouTube. I watch YouTube, but I can’t even zoom in It’s a time when presbyopia becomes more uncomfortable So even if I get a little older, it’s so uncomfortable

But in my mid-40s long time ago, I heard an old lady in my mid-40s But these days, a patient comes in his mid-40s and I want to do it, but thanks to you, I eat well She’s younger than me. She’ Come and see me if I didn’t get my hair isn’t it’s okay I was in the middle of that time, so those people look so young, but if you look at them often, they’re definitely in their mid-40s. You can say they’re young presbyopia There are times when my presbyopia suddenly improves It’s because my eyes are really good, so even if you can see my hair well, people come quickly

If you look far away, you need a lot of strength to pull it to the nearest one, so you can’t see it well, so you have to work hard because of your presbyopia, and then you can see it even if you don’t use it as a magnifier But the problem is that it’s a little far away, because the cataract progresses little by little, and the body turns a little bit nearsighted As it changes to nearsightedness, the closer one changes to the more visible one Myopia and Noah are completely different, but when you have nearsightedness, you can see closer things and eat less, so the distance you pull is shorter, so you feel that presbyopia is better for that person

But that’s not the case, and most of the time, the presbyopia is more advanced, and the way we can fix the magnifying glass and the wife is surgery My preferred surgery is LASIK surgery LASEK surgery Noan LASEK surgery Noan LASEK surgery, and these days, I do a lot of surgery with presbyopia cataract surgery So instead of magnifying glasses, there’s surgical treatment, and medication doesn’t really work yet

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