Lee Jung-jae joins Star Wars series ‘Acolite’

Lee Jung-jae joins Star Wars series ‘Acolite’

Lee Jung-jae joins Star Wars series ‘Acolite’

Lee Jung-jae

Actor Lee Jung-jae expressed his feelings about joining “Acolite.”

The Walt Disney Company Asia-Pacific (APAC) “Disney Content Showcase” was held at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore on the 30th.

The “Disney Content Showcase” commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Walt Disney Company and unveils original Asia-Pacific content to be presented in theaters and streaming services in 2023.

Lucasfilm’s new original series ‘Acolite’ will be unveiled. Star Wars: Episode I – The Invisible Danger, 100 years ago, “Acolite” is a story of the dark secrets and newly emerging dark side of the galaxy at the end of the Republican era. The script, direction, and general production will be directed by Leslie Hedland of the Netflix series “Like a Russian Doll.”

Lee Jung-jae, who has established himself as a global star through the Netflix series “Squid Game,” will star alongside actors Jodie Turner Smith and Amanda Stenberg. Lee Jung-jae said in a video, “I want to tell you exciting news. I’ll be starring in Lucasfilm’s new original series, “Acolite.” I’m happy to be part of the Disney family. “I ask for your interest, interest, and love for ‘Acolite’.”

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