Kim Goeun said, “I feel frustrated while singing…

Kim Goeun said, “I feel frustrated while singing…

Kim Goeun said, “I feel frustrated while singing…”Even crying in the corner of your room”

Kim Goeun

Actress Kim Goeun confessed that she had a hard time singing the song of “Hero.”

On the morning of the 21st, a production report for the movie “Hero” was held at CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and director Yoon Je-kyun, Jung Sung-hwa, Kim Go-eun, Cho Jae-yoon, Bae Jung-nam, Lee Hyun-woo, and Park Jin-joo attended.

Kim Go-eun said, “I was so excited about the release of ‘Kick It’s been a while since I filmed ‘Kick It’ in 2019, but it’s been a while since I finished filming ‘Kick It,’ but I was always sad that it wasn’t released in the group chat room, but now I’m relieved.”

Regarding singing in ‘Hero’, Kim Go-eun said, “Ha… Until high school, I majored in theater and film, so I sang a lot of musical songs. I think I only sang musical songs. So I know “Kick It”. So I think I can do it if I practice. I sang it hard in high school. But I didn’t think of 10 years. “I couldn’t sing it once for 10 years, but I couldn’t sing it after 10 years,” he confessed.

“So I felt very frustrated, and I cried alone in the corner of the room because it was hard to increase the number of songs in a short period of time,” he said. “I made a rash remark at first that I should sing live with confidence, but I didn’t want to sing it.”

“So among acting and singing, I actually gave up singing and focused more on acting,” he said. “Because I wasn’t good enough to care about singing, and I was good enough to do that.”

Meanwhile, “Hero” is a film about the last year that Ahn Jung-geun (Jeong Sung-hwa), who died after being sentenced to death by a Japanese court after killing Ito Hirobumi in Harbin in October 1909, was preparing to die.

It is the first new work in eight years since Director Yoon Je-kyun’s “International Market,” a film adaptation of the original musical “Hero.”

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