At the worst of the violent Nakata, the possibility of retirement

At the worst of the violent Nakata, the possibility of retirement

At the worst of the violent Nakata, the possibility of retirement is not used by Nippon Ham.


The possibility of the release of Nakata Sho (32. Nippon Ham), who was suspended indefinitely due to violence, has never been mentioned by insiders.

Nippon Ham manager Hideki Kuriyama spoke for the first time about Nakataek in the midst of a team in downtown Kobe on the 16th.

Kuriyama expressed his difficulty in returning to the first division this season. It also suggested the possibility of seeking a restart from the batting team.

Coach Kuriyama has apologized as the head of the field for the foolish behavior of Joo-po, who has been expected as the fourth batter since his inauguration in 2012, and also revealed that Nakata himself will hold an apology interview in the future.

“I don’t think we can come back as if nothing happened,” Kuriyama said. It is not possible to return to the first division of the team during this season. “Honestly, I think this team (return from the team) is difficult,” he said, hinting at the possibility of leaving the team.

In the past, players who caused mishaps often sought a new start in a new team. Trade and other reinforcement dates remain until the end of this month. The only reason for the disposal is “violation,” which is the worst image. Trade is unlikely to be easy.

Instead, since this season is the last season of a three-year contract, he can be released after the contract expires.

Nakata assaulted one of his teammates behind the bench before a Galasho match against Yokohama DeNA on Thursday. On the 11th, he was suspended from all games of the 1st and 2nd teams by the club.

He said he needed time to consult within the club.

“If you ask me who is the worst, it’s me who is the director. I feel very responsible and I’m sorry,” he said sincerely.

Nakata, who is currently on probation at her home in downtown Sapporo, said she talked on the phone. He also announced that he will hold an apology interview in the future, saying, “In order to take the next step, we have to apologize for certain, accept what they ask, and move forward.”

Apologizing remains the same in difficult situations. This season is the third year of a three-year contract. Guriyama said in his parents’ heart, “I can’t leave out baseball in his life,” but there is a possibility that he will lose his way to play in Nippon Ham as well as the batting team.

If that happens, there is a possibility that he will be forced to retire from active duty. As this is not the first time for violence, the response from other teams is also very poor. After signing with Nippon Ham, it may be difficult to find a new team.

In the remaining 59 games, the team, which showed no sign of injury from 14 last places in debt, only hit four hits in the third consecutive Softbank game, the opening game of the second half, and lost one draw and two losses. The price of betraying those around him who supported the 340 million yen-a-year player is too high.

Nakata is Japan’s representative giant who joined Nippon Ham as the No. 1 high school student draft in 2007 and won three RBI kings, five Best Nine and four Gold Glove awards. This season’s annual salary is 340 million yen.

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