161 kilometers 370 billion men a 9K strikeout show for Corona

161 kilometers 370 billion men a 9K strikeout show for Corona

161 kilometers 370 billion men a 9K strikeout show for Corona


Garrett Cole (31, New York Yankees) has returned to the Yankees’ ace after beating Corona 19.

Cole started the 2021 Major League Baseball Angels home game at Yankee Stadium in New York on the 17th (Korea time) and met the requirement for a winning pitcher with two hits in 5이닝 innings, one walk, nine strikeouts, and one run.

Cole, who struggled with 8 runs in 5이닝 innings on July 30 in the Tampa Bay expedition, left the line for about two weeks after being confirmed to have a coronavirus on August 3. He lost weight during the period with mild symptoms, but fortunately returned to the Yankee Stadium mound after 18 days of recovery. This season’s record is 10 wins, 6 losses and an ERA of 3.11.

After two outs from the first inning, Justin Upton hit a left-wing first solo shot in the 3B-1S, but showed off his power to strike out three out counts. The Otani Shohei-David Fletcher table setter used a 150-kilometer speed ball and the fourth Jared Walsh used a slider as a crystal ball.

In the second inning of the 2-1 lead, leadoff Phil Gosselin hit an infield hit, but did not lose a run. He struck out Brandon Marcy and Max Stacy, one out second base hit by Jose Iglesias. Four-seam fastball, which tied Masi to the ground at 0B-2S, was measured to be 100.1 miles (161 kilometers).

Cole went on a 10-in-a-half hit streak until he gave up a walk to Marcy after one out in the fifth inning. He struck out half of them, five batters. Otani, who met after one out in the third inning, threw a slider in the 1B-2S to induce the right fielder to fly. In the fifth inning, Stacy struck out as a first baseman with one out and Joe Adele as a center fielder, meeting the requirement for 11 wins in the season. Until the fifth inning, 74 pitches 파워볼사이트

Kohl, who also took the mound in the sixth inning, easily increased his outcount by hitting a bumper hit by Otani-Fletcher tablesetter. However, since it was the first game in two weeks, he seemed to be losing his strength little by little. Otani’s bat went all the way to the right wing track, and Fletcher played a long game with seven pitches. There was a situation in which Upton was on base with a third baseman error.

The Yankees’ bench choice was a replacement. With 90 pitches (59 strikes), Cole handed over the mound to Jack Britain as a first baseman with two outs in the sixth inning, a 2-1 lead.

Meanwhile, Britain struck out a follow-up Walsh, erasing Cole’s successor. Cole lowered his ERA from 3.11 to 3.04.

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