As a substitute for Swanson Kim Ha-sung’s defense

As a substitute for Swanson Kim Ha-sung’s defense

As a substitute for Swanson Kim Ha-sung’s defense is also coveted by the NL East winner

Kim Ha-sung

The Atlanta Braves, the winner of the National League East Division, are coveting Kim Ha-sung (27, San Diego Padres)’s defense. Kim Ha-sung, who was nominated for Gold Glove along with Swanson, was mentioned as an alternative if he failed to keep DanceB Swanson, the main shortstop who became an FA.

The Atlanta Braves community of the U.S. sports web magazine “SB Nation” said on the 17th (Korea Standard Time), “If Atlanta fails to catch Swanson, we recommend recruiting Kim Ha-sung through trade.”

Atlanta needs a new plan for the shortstop position as Swanson, who won the Gold Glove following his first All-Star this season, has qualified for the FA. Local media predict that if Atlanta misses Swanson, the possibility of recruiting an external FA is virtually zero. In response, SB Nation recommended strengthening its power through the trade, saying, “If that is really true, Atlanta should turn to the trade market and find an alternative to shortstop.”

In the meantime, Kim Ha-sung was mentioned as the starting shortstop for San Diego. “Kim Ha-sung is the most realistic trade option,” the media said, adding, “The problem is the internal situation of San Diego. Fernando Tatis Jr. will return next year, but there is still a risk of injury, and he has been excluded from shortstop in the past. At this point, it is hard to know who A.J. Freeller and the club are thinking of as the starting shortstop next year. However, General Manager Preller said, “Since he likes to trade, if Tatis Jr. is used as a shortstop, Kim Ha-sung’s trade will be possible.”

Kim Ha-sung’s offense was not highly appreciated. “Kim Ha-sung, who had a hard time at bat in his debut season, played nearly 600 at-bats this year in his second year, showing off his easy offense,” SB Nation said. “It was definitely better than last season,” he said, “The attack cannot be seen as Kim Ha-sung’s business card.”

The reason why Kim Ha-sung was recommended as Swanson’s substitute was also defense. This year’s National League Gold Glove nomination was highly praised. The media said, “Kim Ha-sung has grown into a great defender that everyone recognizes. He said, “We have made great progress in OAA (Outs Above Average),” adding, “Even if we do not show our full potential at-bat, the harmony of above-average offense, defense, and base running is a very valuable combination.” He is better than Swanson before the 2022 season,” he praised 토토추천

Kim Ha-sung’s future contract terms are also not too burdensome. “Kim Ha-sung has another two-year contract with San Diego under a reasonable amount,” SB Nation said. It is guaranteed $7 million every year, and there is a mutual option at stake after the expiration of the four-year contract, he said. “It can never be seen as a cheap trade, but that doesn’t hurt Atlanta Farm.” On top of that, Kim Ha-sung’s trade cannot be considered to be implemented simply based on the player’s superficial value,” he explained

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