Skin cancer postoperative care Get saline from

Skin cancer postoperative care Get saline from

Skin cancer postoperative care


Get saline from the pharmacy, keep it a little cold in the refrigerator, and after 15 minutes, put sterilized gauze on the affected area and store it at the pharmacy. The ground has a high osmotic pressure in saline, so you may be asked about the third round. If I do it for too long, I’ll press it, so I think I can do it for about 15 minutes. If it sticks later, you can spray a saline pack on it and stick it to prevent the surgical site from becoming dangerous The same goes for everything else. It can be helpful to use salt higher than your physical strength for normal skin.

Some people use tap water, but there is a risk of getting infected with tap water because there is a person named Mycobacteria. Don’t do that because it can be light when soaked in tap water. When tap water enters, it is recommended to wipe it with saline solution. It’s so small that I know the dressing well, I think it’s my clothes, and I think I know the height of the emergency. If you use alcohol, you’ll be clean I wonder if it is possible to re-disinfect the surgical site. Yes, I made a lot of mistakes at the pharmacy because of the disinfectant.

Alcohol beta-dine chlorhexidine contains a variety of disinfectants, but these days, using disinfectants causes pain. Some of the anesthetized ingredients are included in the ingredients so that disinfection does not hurt you. The problem is that this disinfectant not only disinfects bad changes, but also eliminates the process of requesting regeneration, which can irritate the skin and damage normal skin. In this case, when alcohol vibrates, you feel pain and you have more inflammatory reactions

I think it’s important for people who have undergone surgery to think that wiping with saline solution is enough without using other disinfectants. You can use it here and there without knowing these things. This is the last question. I’m three years old, but I don’t know how to use it in a pharmacy band. It is very important. You can apply a lot of sponge if you stick it on when there’s too much mud. If you apply this, your skin can get worse and your normal skin can get damaged.

It’s more important not to call three or four times a day when you’re bored. You’ll need antibiotic ointment if you look at a part of your birthday. I can put it on without hair now. No matter how much oil you put on. Yes, it is. After applying the ointment like that, it seems common now, so cut and paste the product.

There are many new bands for trekking. This product is called home dressing, and the center has a sponge-like texture and a silicon table-like texture around it.

If it’s not too much, it can be thick. If you have more questions, you can use two thick ones. Yes, if you don’t have enough adhesion, you can get another seedling and apply it. If you look at it like this, it’s mostly a band. If you hold and pull both sides like this, the place to treat the wound and the place to fix the Pacific Ocean may be different.

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