Yves’ calligraphy paper cable National Exchange Entrance

Yves’ calligraphy paper cable National Exchange Entrance

Yves’ calligraphy paper cable National Exchange Entrance to collect information on wiretapping


tvN’s “Eve” Seo Ye-ji enters Yoo Seon’s father’s Jeon Guk-hwan’s house and begins eavesdropping to collect information, accelerating revenge, sparking tension.

tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Eve” (directed by Park Bong-seop/played by Yoon Young-mi/produced by Studio Dragon, C-Jes Entertainment) is a revenge drama with the most intense and deadly passion of a woman who risked her life for 13 years.

In the last broadcast, Lee Rael (Seo Ye-ji) succeeded in creating a gap in Kang Yoon-gyeom (Park Byung-eun)’s heart, which is like an iron fortress, through deliberate temptation. At the same time, Rael gained the favor of Yoon-gyeom’s wife Han Sora (Yoo Seon-eun) and dug into the lives of 0.1% upper class, laying the foundation for the revenge drama. However, at the end of the fourth inning, along with the unexpected variable that Yoon-gyeom is out of wedlock, Rael’s confused appearance that he and Yoon-gyeom are “Twin Flame” with the same fate has raised questions about the revenge steps.

In a related development, the still released by “Eve” on the 15th (Wednesday) shows Rael entering the house of Han Pan-ro (National Hwan), Sora’s father and former prime minister, drawing keen attention. Sora, who doesn’t know what Rael is thinking, took Rael, who became his own person, and visited his father Hanpanro’s house. As a result, Rael drinks tea and has a meaningful smile, creating tension.

Meanwhile, in the ensuing still, Rael draws attention as he is listening to something with a headset on in a secret room full of multiple-related information. This is because Rael installed a bug in Hanpan-ro’s house and started eavesdropping on secret talks. In particular, Sora’s satisfactory smile is captured along with Han Pan-ro and Kim Jung-chul (played by Jung Hae-kyun) who are narrowing the distance between each other and continuing their conversations, stimulating curiosity about what stories have been exchanged between them. Following Sora, Rael, who received Hanpan-ro’s living room, is paying keen attention to his second revenge step on what unexpected behavior will be in the future.

Meanwhile, the fifth episode of tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Eve” will air at 10:30 p.m. today (15th).

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