Front tooth fracture (broken) Discolored tooth root fracture

Front tooth fracture (broken) Discolored tooth root fracture

Front tooth fracture (broken) Discolored tooth root fracture


A patient said, “My front tooth is broken.” If you look at it from the front, it seems like there are some teeth left, but if you look at the ceiling, the gums are now broken, but I found out through oral examination that the teeth are broken below the introduction It’s not just broken horizontally. When you’re shocked from the front, the weak don’t just fall off. There are a lot of cases where the back breaks deeper

If you look at the teeth vertically from the top, there’s a line. Why is it shaking when you put it in a sharp instrument? It’s been nine days, but there’s still a fragment of the gum that’s attached to it If you look at it, you can see the hand of the scallion on this side. If you remove this, you can see that the scallion is very long If you look at Manchester City, it’s clear

You can see that it’s black and well-intentioned Your gums are hotter than your bones, and you can see that it’s below your senses In this case, I had a lot of thoughts during the consultation It’s a good drawing of the tooth extraction and re-planting, and I’m going to explain to the patients that the root of the tooth is 17 years old, and it’s enough to hold the tooth firmly, but the problem is that if the root is short, it’s a deep difference between the gum disease develops I’m talking about gum disease, whether it’s the bone tissue of the surrounding tissue or the bone that melts down, but if the bone is high, the second one shakes much faster because there’s a Maginot Line where the teeth shake

The tree has deep roots, and if the ground is eroded and we get shorter, we’ll hold out to a certain extent, but if the tooth gets shaken after the critical point, it can get worse, and if it’s short, it’ll get more affected by external shocks and things like that, I’ll explain the implant and you’ll diagnose it

Honestly, if I get discolored, I think I can do it faster, but I feel like my teeth are a bit old, and my dreams are still difficult, so I’m still thinking about the second round In this case, how do I treat my teeth? Actually, most of the treatments for my teeth are implants, but I have a lot of thoughts about wanting to save my teeth somehow 비아그라추천

I think there’s a way to make your roots stand out through surgery Anyway, I’m feeling right now. My friends got my front teeth and left. It’s not completely done yet. I told them that I’ll wait and see, but there’s a situation where I need to get treatment

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