You’ve done everything you can to shoot Shark? Wrong

You’ve done everything you can to shoot Shark? Wrong

You’ve done everything you can to shoot Shark? Wrong


NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal criticized James Harden for leaving the Houston Rockets for the Brooklyn Nets after demanding a trade.

O’Neill, who is in charge of pre-game and post-game commentary at the NBA’s national broadcasting station “TNT,” answered the question during the broadcast on the 15th (Korean time) if “Do you think there is a problem with the way Harden left Houston?”

O’Neill first said, “I can answer yes or no. It’s a business,” he said. “Trade admits it is a possibility. He then criticized Harden, saying, “He says, ‘I’ve done everything for this city,’ but that’s not true 파워볼사이트

“I literally did everything I could,” Harden said in an interview after a home game against the Los Angeles Lakers on the 13th. Things are going crazy right now. It’s a problem that I can’t fix,” he said. It was his farewell before leaving for Brooklyn.

“He asked for Dwight Howard, and the team had been recruiting Howard, but it didn’t work. Then he asked me to recruit Chris Paul, so I hired him. And I brought a shooter because he said he needed one. Next, I asked for Russell Westbrook and bought it for him. “But it didn’t work,” he said. “He gradually recounted the history of recruiting players that Harden has been demanding from Houston.”

He added, “It’s said that I’ve tried everything, but that’s not Harden has recorded one win and four losses, 41 percent success rate of fielding, 24 percent success rate of three-point shots, 32 assists, and 27 turnovers in the past five Illimination Games (field elimination games). He didn’t do anything. I couldn’t do it when I needed to. If you get that much money, you have to take a lot of responsibility,” he used the record to criticize Harden. “Harden didn’t play well when he needed him. That’s why many people in Houston will be happy to see him leave.

Harden formed a new super team with Kevin Durant and Kai Lee Irving in Brooklyn. “He has to win this season,” O’Neill said. If he doesn’t win this time, he will be a bubble.”

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