BKN Sean Max, angry at Irving, was disappointed.

BKN Sean Max, angry at Irving, was disappointed.

BKN Sean Max, angry at Irving, was disappointed.


Max expressed his disappointment to Irving.

Sean Marx, head of the Brooklyn Nets, conducted an interview on the video on the 15th (Korean time). At the meeting, Max talked about leaving the team, Kai Lee Irving 토토사이트

“I’m disappointed in the current situation. I hope (Kai Li) Irving has a good reason for having a personal time,” Max said.

Irving suddenly disappeared for personal reasons ahead of the Philadelphia 76ers on the 8th. Irving has not played since then. There was much speculation about Irving’s absence.

The disappearing Irving was found in succession in hard-to-understand places. Local media in the U.S., including “Brobable,” reported Irving attending and enjoying his sister’s birthday party. The released video shows a figure believed to be Irving dancing without a mask.

The Secretariat officially launched an investigation into Irving’s video. If Irving is found to have violated the Corona protocol, the length of his absence is likely to be extended.

Irving also participated in a group of supporters of a district prosecutor. Irving’s appearance on the screen was more controversial because he was just before Brooklyn’s game. If you are on the same team, you will be discouraged.

Max, who was generous to Irving, also seems to have changed his course in the wake of the unexpected behavior. “Brucklin strongly wanted James Harden because of Irving’s uncertainty,” said Adrian Woznarowski, a reporter for ESPN.

Brooklyn, which hired Harden, has the best trio, Irving-Harden-Kevin Durant. However, if Irving continues to break away like this, it will not be easy to challenge for the championship. Attention is focusing on how Brooklyn will cope with Irving’s continued deviation.

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