You’re also a trade partner who said good-bye to Darvish

You’re also a trade partner who said good-bye to Darvish

You’re also a trade partner who said good-bye to Darvish.


A Chicago Cubs colleague said goodbye to Darvish You, 34, who was traded to the San Diego Padres. However, the two players will not be able to break up.

Darvish introduced the text messages he shared with catcher Victor Karatini on his social media on Dec. 30 (Korean time). Karatini is a former catcher for Darvish this season 토토사이트

Darvish was previously traded to San Diego, where he is recruiting a storm. Instead of Darbit Sugar moving to San Diego, the Cubs will receive four promising players, including Reginald Fresciado, and pitcher Jack Davis, who won seven games this year.

Karatini sent Darvish news of the trade posted on the official MLB SNS. Then he sent a message to Darvish, “He’s gone,” telling him that Darvish had been traded.

However, Karatini will also move to San Diego with Darvish in the trade. Karatini, who didn’t know this, saw the trade news without his name. Darvish responded by saying, “You too (tradey).”

Earlier on the 29th, Darvish said, “Information that seems to have been confirmed to include me is coming from a strong place, but there was no contact. “What kind of system is this?” he complained to the club that did not notify him of the trade. Karatini also seems to have not received a trade agreement like Darvish.

Meanwhile, Darvish had his best season this season, playing with Karatini, with an eight-win, three-loss record and a 2.01 ERA. He also ranked second in the National League Cy Young Award voting, behind Trevor Bauer, and 14th in the MVP voting for MVP.

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