You broke the stereotype A cool pregnant woman Lee Ha-nui

You broke the stereotype A cool pregnant woman Lee Ha-nui

You broke the stereotype A cool pregnant woman Lee Ha-nui


Actress Lee Ha-nui has stylishly broken stereotypes about herself and pregnant women.

Lee Ha-nui is drawing attention through the recently released magazine Vogue Korea pictorial. She is scheduled to give birth in June, and she has put her life in a pictorial because she expresses a different appearance from the previously seen by the public. It broke the stereotype on pregnant women, capturing stylish and sexy pregnant women.

He stood in front of the camera dressed up as a fashion trend crop T-shirt and low-rise bottoms. Rather than emphasizing the motherhood that the world wants from pregnant women, they matched “tone and manners” with colorful makeup. With a confident expression, it seemed to be a ritual that gave freedom to all pregnant women in the world.

The interview, which was released along with the pictorial, made the public even more enthusiastic. Lee Ha-nui said, “I wanted to show that women’s bodies are so mysterious,” adding, “At the same time, I wanted a new way that I had never seen before.” It started by taking a fixed view of a role. Just like a pregnant woman can wear whatever she wants and think she’s sexy.”

This pictorial work was done with Lee Ha-nui and the staff who gathered opinions. Kim Da-hye, a fashion editor, said, “I didn’t want to be stuck in the frame of a late-life photo shoot. Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you don’t like pretty and cool clothes. It’s just a change in size changes. Anyone can wear whatever they want and enjoy it,” he said. Photographer Mok Jung-wook said, “I tried to capture Lee Ha-nui’s healthy beauty. It’s called a late-life photo shoot, so you prepare something moreRather than a base, I thought it was important to contain essential beauty as it is.” Stylist Park Se-joon said, “I think it’s an era where pregnant women can proudly show their full stomachs. I hope other pregnant women will love their pregnant bodies more and think of them as beautiful.”

Before pregnancy, Lee Ha-nui expressed her far from what the world thinks of an actress through her work. In the movie “Extreme Job,” he played a comical and rough female detective, no different from a male character. In the movie “Black Money,” which played the role of a lawyer, and the drama “The Fierce Priest,” which played the role of a prosecutor, he showed off his girl-crush charm. In her latest drama, “Wonder Woman,” she was a wonder woman.

This late-term photo shoot is also in line with the previous move. The stereotypes placed on women, actresses and pregnant women were smashed in a pleasing way. Lee Ha-nui said, “I thought it could be a small encouragement for those who spend similar periods, rather than trying to convey a grand message.”

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