460 billion MVP Multi-Four NL Home Run Solo Lead

460 billion MVP Multi-Four NL Home Run Solo Lead

460 billion MVP Multi-Four NL Home Run Solo Lead LAD 9-4 WAS


LA Dodgers’ lead-off Mookie Betts continues to perform well worth 460 billion won.

In an away game against the Washington Nationals at Washington DC Nationals Park on the 25th (Korea Standard Time), Betts led the team to a 9-4 victory by swinging a bat with three hits and four RBIs in four at-bats, including two home runs.

The Dodgers kept 29 wins and 13 losses (0.690) at the top of the national team’s winning percentage.

It is the second time this season that Betts has hit a multi-home run after the San Diego Padres match on April 23. Betts, who was the MVP of the American League in the Boston Red Sox in 2019, was traded to the Dodgers in February 2020 and signed a long-term contract for 12 years and $365 million (about 460 billion won) in July that year.

Betts missed 40 games due to injury last year, but he is doing well and fulfilling his ransom this season.

The Dodgers took the lead in the top of the first inning with a two-run homer by Traynor. Turner hit a 95-mile fastball from opposing starter Josiah Gray to slightly over the middle fence. However, the Dodgers allowed three runs in the bottom of the first inning with starter Walker Buehler giving up four hits to turn the game around 2-3. Washington scored three consecutive runs on Juan Soto’s grounder to second base with no outs, Nelson Cruz’s infield hit and Josh Bell’s heavy hit.

However, the Dodgers took the lead 5-3 again with Betts’ come-from-behind three-run shot in the top of the second inning. Leading Chris Taylor’s left-handed hit and Gavin Lux’ walk to first and second base with no outs. Betts pulled Gray’s 85-mile body slider over the left fence 안전놀이터

The Dodgers, who ran away 7-3 with Taylor’s two-run homer in the top of the third inning, added a point with the leadoff hitter Betts’ solo home run to the left in the top of the fourth inning. Betts took the lead in the National League alone, hitting consecutive at-bats for the 11th and 12th seasons.

In the top of the sixth inning, Max Muncy hit an RBI single with a push-back walk for the first time in a while, widening the gap to 9-3 for the Dodgers to wedge the game.

Buehler pitched six innings with six hits and three runs (two earned runs) and won six games (one loss) of the season. But his ERA rose slightly to 2.91

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