Yeo Esther’s faded public apology reignites controversy

Yeo Esther’s faded public apology reignites controversy

Yeo Esther’s faded public apology reignites controversy over his appearance in two weeks

Yeo Esther

Yeo Esther, a family medicine specialist working as CEO of a health functional food company, has been embroiled in another controversy. It has been only two weeks since he made an official apology. This time again, it is receiving strong criticism for making excessive comments.

In the 163rd episode of KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “The Boss’s Ears” (hereinafter referred to as “Donkey Ears”), which aired on the 3rd, Yeo Esther visited his alma mater to deliver donations. In the process, Yeo Esther met with Kim Woong-han, a professor of pediatric thoracic surgery, and pointed out, “There are more wrinkles between the eyebrows, more wrinkles around the eyes, and fortunately, your hair is well maintained.”

While expressing his feelings about the donation, Yeo Esther’s diss battle continued. He said, “I’ve known Kim Woong-han for 30 years. Although he looks unfriendly, is hard, is not cooperative, and has a rough way of speaking, he has a warm heart than anyone else and is sincere in fostering talent. If you keep getting angry, you’ll get heart disease.” Even her husband, Hong Hye-gul, was restless, saying, “You’re crossing the line.”

In addition, Yeo Esther said in the past, Professor Kim Woong-han was a senior who was making a harsh expression. I was an outcast, he said. “I was an outcast, so I talked a lot so that I wouldn’t be lonely.” Since then, Professor Kim may have been displeased, but he has stood up as soon as the tea time was over.

This was not the first time the controversy had occurred. Yeo Esther has already been criticized once for making rash remarks.

Earlier, Yeo Esther appeared on the same broadcast and was criticized for excessive disparagement of her appearance toward employees. As soon as he saw the female employee, he said, “I think I’m bloated. Take off your mask, he pointed out, “I’m completely swollen from the redness of my face.” He also gave a series of appearance evaluations to other male employees, saying, “My face is too swollen.”

In addition, Yeo Esther gave nutritional supplements to employees and continued to say, “You have to take nutritional supplements to have abundant hair,” adding, “You have two jaws.”

In addition, in the process, Yeo Esther’s advertisement for its nutritional supplements naturally spread. He showed his employees a warrant system full of drawers and refrigerators, saying, “I take 40 pills a day.” Drawers and refrigerators contained a number of their products sold by Esther.

As the controversy intensified after the broadcast, Yeo Esther eventually apologized. He said on his YouTube channel, “In fact, watching the broadcast made me think a lot. I thought they were my children and approached them and talked directly, but when I saw myself on the show, I thought it was too much.”

He said, “I was shocked when the employee said in an interview that he was a mother-in-law boss. Mother-in-law say, “You are my daughter,” but the daughters-in-law does not think of you as a daughter. “I said, ‘I’m not going to do that to my daughter-in-law,’ but when I watched the broadcast, I was doing that,” he said, looking back on himself.

Yeo Esther, who seemed to have apologized sincerely and reflected deeply. But within two weeks, a similar controversy erupted again. It can be seen as a broadcasting character or concept at least once, but if you make mistakes repeatedly, it can be misunderstood as the original appearance.

If you’re trying to be funny because it’s a variety show, stop it. There is already enough of Yeo Esther’s slip of the tongue brutality.

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