Yang Hyun-jong’s first win in the Minor League failed

Yang Hyun-jong’s first win in the Minor League failed

Yang Hyun-jong’s first win in the Minor League failed with three runs in five innings, seven hits and six runs.

Yang Hyun-jong

Yang Hyun-jong (33, Round Rock Express), who plays in Triple-A, postponed his first victory in the minor league to the next.

Yang Hyun-jong came out as a starting pitcher against the Sacramento River Cats under the San Francisco Giants at Shutter Health Park on the 20th (Korea time), recording seven hits, one walk, six strikeouts and three runs in five innings, and was replaced ahead of defense in the bottom of the sixth inning.

Yang Hyun-jong, who entered the U.S. stage this season, was called up to the Major League in late April and played as a starter with the Bullpen. However, he returned to the minor leagues in mid-June with a three-loss ERA of 5.59 million without winning eight games.

Yang Hyun-jong, who chose to prepare for a recall between trade and remaining in the minor league after being transferred from the club, has been playing full-time starting in July while going back and forth between starting and bullpening in the minor league. He pitched four innings each in the games on the 3rd and 9th of this month, and recorded five hits, two home runs, and three strikeouts in five innings in the game on the 14th. His performance before this game was five games and one loss with an ERA of 5.48 (13 earned runs in 21 innings).

His pace was not bad at the beginning of the day. Yang Hyun-jong made a fresh start with a three-way exit in the first inning. In the second inning, he blocked no runs again with three strikeouts, and in the third inning, he also recorded one hit and one strikeout, respectively, not allowing points.

The first run came in the fourth inning, leading by 1-0. After giving up a heavy double to leadoff hitter Joe McCarthy, he grounded Joey Bart to third baseman, but he allowed one run due to a timely left-handed hit by Arismendi Alcantara.

Mitchell Tolman then allowed a heavy hit and was in crisis with one out and one base, but Bryce Johnson was back on shortstop’s side to prevent additional runs.

The fifth episode was disappointing. Yang Hyun-jong, who gave up a heavy hit to leadoff hitter Peter Maris, struck out Drew Robison and committed a wild pitch in Braden Bishot’s at bat to give Maris second base. He then hit a triple in the middle of one RBI and allowed McCarthy a double in the middle of one RBI again.

Round Rock tied the game 3-3 with Curtis Terry’s RBI double in the 6th inning, and Yang Hyun-jong was replaced by Joe Gato before defense in the 6th inning.

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