Wiseman Double Double Detroit escaped 11 consecutive losses

Wiseman Double Double Detroit escaped 11 consecutive losses

Wiseman Double Double Detroit escaped 11 consecutive losses by beating Indiana


The Detroit Pistons (hereinafter referred to as Detroit) sprayed red pepper powder on the busy Indiana Pacers (hereinafter referred to as Indiana).

Detroit caught Indiana by 117-97, 20 points in the NBA 2022-23 regular league home game at Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan, on the morning of the 14th (Korea Standard Time).

Detroit, which escaped from 11 consecutive losses due to the victory of the match, will take a step back from the Victor Wembanyama race with 16 wins and 53 losses. Detroit was very active with 18 points and 5 rebounds, including James Wiseman’s 18 points, 14 rebounds and 3 blocks, Corey Joseph’s 22 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists, and Rodney McGurder’s 4 three-point shots.

Indiana, which had 31 wins and 38 losses, fought hard with Jordan Noirah with 20 points, 4 rebounds, 3 assists, Aaron Nesmith with 15 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 steals, and Andrew Nemhard with 15 points, 4 rebounds and 7 assists.

Both teams were unable to play due to injuries. In Detroit, Cade Cunningham, Isaiah Stewart, Marvin Begley III, Boyan Bogdanovic, Alex, Hamidou Diallo and Jayden Id cannot play. Indiana placed Tyreese Halliburton, Miles Turner and Benidict Masherin on the absentee list.

Eugene O’Moroy, who signed his second 10-day contract with Detroit, continued his tempo push in the first quarter in a row. He scored 11 points in the quarter alone, leading the Detroit attack, and McGruder also supported the outer shot. Thanks to their performance, Detroit took a 38-20 and 18 points lead.

The Detroit bench lineup, which included Joseph and Jeilan Durren, overwhelmed their opponents in the second quarter. In particular, Joseph opened the door to Detroit’s attack with five consecutive points, and Durren scored several putback points while defending the paint zone. Wiseman also joined and collapsed Indiana’s paint zone like autumn leaves. Therefore, Detroit maintained its score by 67-49 and 18 points 토토놀이터

As Indiana players chased in the third quarter, Joseph poured cold water with consecutive three-point shots. And O’Moroy and McGurder once again picked up their offensive pace, leaving the Indiana defense distraught. RJ Hampton, who was recruited from the buyout market, also provided a variety of attacks with mid-range jumpers. Detroit then took a 91-68 lead by 23 points.

Eventually, Indiana picked up the white flag as soon as it entered the fourth quarter, pulling out all of its key players. Detroit left Joseph, Durren, and Hampton, who played well, until 5 minutes and 44 seconds before the end of the game. Wiseman and Kylian Hayes wrapped up the game with a two-man game as Nesmith and Noirah, who were active in Garbage Time, chased.

Detroit then beat Indiana 117-97, 20 points behind Wiseman’s defensive rebound.

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