10,000 pieces of evidence to prove the allegation that a drug

10,000 pieces of evidence to prove the allegation that a drug

10,000 pieces of evidence to prove the allegation that a drug


It is reported that the police have secured more than 10,000 pieces of evidence to prove the allegations of infants.

According to the police on the 14th, Yoo Ah-in worked for a long time to collect evidence that could not be denied the charges of taking drugs. The data alone amounts to 10,000 copies. Currently, the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s drug crime investigation team is in the process of completing the analysis of data on infants secured through seizure and search and investigation of related people. The summons will be held behind closed doors next week.

In addition, the police are confident of proving the charges of the infant, so they are not considering applying for an arrest warrant. This is why the summoning investigation is later than known. If the infant denies the charges, it is in a position to consider applying for an arrest warrant.

Earlier, Yoo Ah-in was seized and searched at Incheon International Airport, which recently returned from a trip to the United States due to allegations of habitual administration of propofol. According to an analysis by the National Forensic Service, a total of four types of drugs, not only propofol but also cannabis, cocaine, and ketamine, were detected in the hair of infants, shocking them.

Since then, the police have secured medical records of infants at hospitals such as plastic surgery clinics in Gangnam-gu and Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and secured evidence by investigating hospital officials, searching their homes, and forensic mobile phones.

The police said they had completely collected evidence so that infants could never escape. Attention is focused on what will happen in the summoning investigation of Yoo Ah-in next week.

Meanwhile, Yoo Ah-in was about to make a comeback with this year’s Netflix movie “Competition,” Netflix series “End of the Dummy,” and the movie “High Five,” but he was severely disrupted by drug use charges.

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