Tottenham is weird. Team Purge Lamela begins

Tottenham is weird. Team Purge Lamela begins

Tottenham is weird. Team Purge Lamela begins


Tottenham is also quickly working on releasing players.

England’s “Football London” wrote an article analyzing the future of the Tottenham squad as of the 25th (Korea time), and it has been confirmed that some of the first-team players have been released. Fabio Parasic, the new head of the team this summer, is showing his capabilities.

The first player mentioned is Musa Sissoko. Sissoko is a central midfielder who has played more than 30 games every season since joining Tottenham in the 2016-17 season. However, the role was becoming increasingly ambiguous. The clunkyness that he originally had is still there, and the advantages of wandering through the middle field are gradually disappearing.

Tottenham have decided to sell Sissoko because they are already in their 30s. “Sissoko is expected to move this summer with the attention of many clubs across Europe,” the media said.

Sissoko is not the only one who is considering a release from the central midfielder. Harry Winks was also included in the release list. Winks are completely out of the starting line after Pierre Emile Hoivierre was recruited. I don’t know what changes will be made in Nunu Santu’s system, but from a cold perspective, it is unlikely that he will become a starting pitcher again. Winks want to stay, but Tottenham are expected to sell it when they get a proper offer 안전놀이터

Jo Hart, who was recruited as a backup goalkeeper last season, was also reportedly told by coach Nunu to leave. Tottenham are more likely to run goalkeepers next season with Hugo Roris and the newly recruited Pierre Luigi Golini.

A large number of defenders have also been raised. Toby Alderweirald has already arrived in Qatar to leave the team, and Davinson Sanchez and Eric Dyer are also known for sale. The plan is to sell it when the right offer comes. If even one player is sold, Tottenham intends to bring a new centre-back through the money.

However, it is unlikely that there will be much change in the offensive team. It has become a foregone conclusion to bring in Brian Hill through Eric Lamela and cash, but there will be no other reinforcement. Because Tottenham are still on a high note that they will never sell Harry Kane.

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