Tomira Stella signs one-year contract with Seattle

Tomira Stella signs one-year contract with Seattle

Tomira Stella signs one-year contract with Seattle

Veteran infielder Tommy La Stella (34), released from the San Francisco Giants, has found a new team.

Tomira Stella

The Seattle Mariners announced on the 19th that they had agreed to a one-year contract with La Stella under the name of Justin Hollander.

It did not disclose the contract amount. He, whose three-year, $18.75 million contract with the Giants in February 2021, is still applied, will receive only the lowest salary in the new team. San Francisco pays $11.5 million minus the minimum annual salary.

Tomira Stella played five teams in nine seasons in the Major League, batting .267 on-base percentage .337 with a .399 slugging percentage in 667 games. He was named an All-Star in the 2019 season.

Since playing 123 games in 2018, he has been injured so often that he has never played more than 100 games in a season. Even after signing with the Giants, he failed to perform properly due to hamstring and Achilles tendon injuries. He was released after hitting .245 on-base percentage .297 slugging percentage .380 in 136 games over the past two years.

Jerry Dipoto, president of the Mariners, said, “His personality, instinct and experience with the winning team will help our team move to the next level. “I value his diversity and ability to manage the strike zone, and I believe he has high baseball intelligence,” he said.

Seattle Mariners infielder promoted to the minor leagues every season after being named in the eighth round of the 2011 draft
During the 2014 season, he made his debut successful debut season performance 93 games, 80 hits, 0.328.0.317 1 home run, 2 steals, but…
After the end, he was traded directly to the Chicago Cubs. It’s going to be like this, and it’s going to be…
Now he signed a one-year contract with Seattle.

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