Canselu falls, it’s right from the graduation match against

Canselu falls, it’s right from the graduation match against

Canselu falls, it’s right from the graduation match against Korea…”Back to being annoyed at the WC”.

It has been revealed that Manchester City defender Joo Cancelo’s relationship with Manchester City has actually collapsed since the sluggish World Cup group stage match against South Korea.


British media ‘The Athletic’ reported on the 30th) why Canselo decided to rent, saying, “The relationship between Canselo and Manchester City suddenly collapsed.”

Since joining Manchester City in 2019, Cancelo has become the core of Manchester City’s offensive-oriented football, playing as a starting fullback.

He played on both sides, playing the role of an “inverted fullback” like a symbol of Pep Guardiola’s tactics, and was recognized for his skills by being selected as the PFA (Professional Football Players Association) team of the year in the 2020/21 and 2021/22 seasons.

However, it has been decided that Canselo will join Bayern Munich on loan ahead of the last minute of the transfer market this winter.

With leading media acknowledging Canselu’s lease, much attention was paid to why he suddenly left the team, which Pep Guardiola trusted every game.

The newspaper said in the report that the start of the transfer was the World Cup.

The Athletic said, “After playing in the third group match, Cancelo was on the bench in the next two tournaments. He also played as a substitute in Portugal’s defeat to Morocco, and returned from the World Cup in a depressed state because he did not play as much as he wanted. ”

In other words, he lost the trust of former Portuguese coach Fernando Santos due to his poor performance in the third group match against the Korean national team.

As a result, the failure to play in the round of 16 and quarterfinals was the start of this transfer.

During the World Cup, Canselu scored many goals in the round of 16 match against Switzerland, where he was excluded from the start, but rather than running off the bench and celebrating, he continued to sit down. As the scene was caught on camera, reports continued that he may have been dissatisfied with the exclusion of the selection.

After returning from the World Cup, the situation became more serious. Guardiola began not to use Canselo, who had lost his form.

Guardiola played as a new starter, using hopefuls Rico Lewis and Nathan Ake as left and right fullbacks.

In the end, Canselo was dissatisfied with various situations, including the Chelsea expedition, which failed to play as his main position, and the exclusion of Tottenham and Wolverhampton matches, and set up a confrontation with Guardiola.

“In the end, Guardiola decided that if Canselu remained, it would have a negative impact on the team, and he would rather send Canselu on loan and play the season like this,” the newspaper said, wrapping up the background of Canselu’s transfer.

The sluggishness in the match against South Korea at the Qatar World Cup led to a harsh result of the transfer to Canselu, who was considered the best fullback in the Premier League. 사설토토

If he fails to revive on the German stage, he will remember the match against Korea in his life in Cancelo.

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