The youngest, McTominay’s Scream Marshall, please run. Matici

The youngest, McTominay’s Scream Marshall, please run. Matici

The youngest, McTominay’s Scream Marshall, please run. Matici, play defense.


The performance that makes the youngest yells out in anger.

Britain’s “BT Sports” reported on the 28th (Korea time) that “Scott McTominie, who did not participate on the day, was seen yelling and angry at other players due to the team’s poor performance.”

Manchester United lost 1-2 against Sheffield United in the 20th round of the English Premier League (EPL) in the 2020-2021 season at Old Trafford in Manchester, England 메이저사이트

Manchester United has been undefeated (10 wins and three draws) in 13 league games, but suffered defeat against the last-place team.

Manchester United failed to add to their victory and finished second in the league with 40 points. Manchester City, which played one less game, is leading with 41 points. Sheffield scored eight points, narrowing the gap to three points from 19th-ranked West Bromwich (11 points).

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer chose Nemanja Matic, not McTominie, as Paul Pogba’s partner. He also replaced injured Edinson Cavani with Marshall on the front line.

The problem is that this choice failed. Marshall not only failed to finish at an important moment, but still did not appear to be defending. Matić also made a series of mistakes in defense.

From the perspective of McTominie on the bench, it’s a burning situation. He was also seen screaming at the Manchester United players who were actively approaching the line.

According to BT Sports, the players who heard McTominie’s criticism were Marshall and Matic. Although McTominie is close to the youngest member in the team, he could not stand the play of the two players.

McTominay said to Marshall, “Hey! “Please run with all your might.” Matic, who also stood on his behalf, shouted, “Brother, please defend properly.”

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