The shock and horror of the Summer playoffs

The shock and horror of the Summer playoffs

The shock and horror of the Summer playoffs


As it is an important competition with direct tickets to the Summer playoffs and the League of Legends, there are unexpected scenes due to various strategies and tactics.

In the summer playoffs scheduled on the 18th, teams with their own stories, such as T1, Nongshim Red Force, Zhenzi, and Africa, who have completed rebuilding, will compete in the playoffs.

For LCK fans, it’s a festive playoff, but it could be another ‘shock and fear’ for someone. What happened in the past?

‘ASH-091 (2015 SVENU LCK KOREA Summer Final Set 2)

This scene, which comes to mind easily when you think of Ash and Malphait, is also known as “ASH-091” after Ash’s KDA, which recorded 0 kills 9 deaths 1 assist to some fans.

KT, which came to the final after defeating the LCK’s strongest ambush Ku Tigers, but a huge mountain called SKT (now T1) was holding out in front of them. KT, which failed to exceed the ultimate of Azir in the first set, took the early part with overwhelming advantage, but eventually lost and faltered.

And Arrow, who chose Ash for the long-awaited second set, played very well as Ash before. There was even a story that he overcame the slump of the regular season with ash.

However, after SKT’s sudden choice of Malfight, he chose Diana-Alice to attack Ash, and Ash, who faced Malfight at Hanta near the dragon’s nest around the eighth minute, was just out of energy. This was the beginning of a nightmare.

Malfight, who added three assists, grew strong, while Ash gradually lost strength as he was targeted by the opponent’s rush union. In the process, Ash, who is in a 1-1 situation with Mal-Fight, suffers from a moribund state even against Mal-Fight, who is suffering from turrets.

In the end, Ash, who failed to score a single kill due to the opposition’s combination, lost to KT, creating a nightmare scene.

The Will of Kong (2016 Coca-Cola LCK Summer Final Set 5)

Ko Dong-bin, who returned from his national defense duty, is a “sexual” body as his fans commonly say, but he also has a painful memory to turn back.

KT shed tears once again at the 2016 LCK Summer, which can also be considered as the second runner-up. KT, which defeated its archrival SKT and went up to the finals once again, will face the Rocks Tigers once again.

The score that reached the second final with the second position, the jungler. In a strange situation where even the set “score” was faced with 2-2, he cuts off his opponent’s finut (hecarim) and tries to play around 34 minutes into the game.

Although Baron was able to win easily in 5-4 situations, he struggled a bit with his opponent’s threatening moves and used a basic attack (parallel strike) and a strong blow to Baron, who had only 970 stamina left in the process.

But was he trying to take care of Baron too quickly? Baron survived with only two physical strength, and the bombardment of the gangplank (Smap) on it leaves a rare scene where Baron is killed.

Eventually, he gave up the championship again to the Ku Tigers, who had suffered from SKT and had three “second-place wins” between the two teams.

SKT of the final, no more (2017 LCK Summer Final)

SKT of the final match boasted the LCK unbeaten myth. Starting with the losing and losing victory (Ryu’s Zed) in 2013, both 2015 and 2016 showed the power to beat the opponent with outstanding skills in the finals.

However, in 2017, the record was broken for the first time. It was right after meeting the King Zone of Cannes. King Zone (currently DRX) was overwhelming, ranking first in the regular season with a strong combination of Khan-Cuzz-BDD.

In particular, Cuzz, who was famous for his “Nidali craftsman,” was a promising player who was ranked first in the solo rank with his unique fast jungling and also painted the top ranks with his account 안전놀이터

In response, SKT was the “world’s best” but showed many signs of suffering from accumulated fatigue during the season. In particular, in 2017, he had sent a murderous schedule such as scrimming (training), marketing (CF, promotional materials, etc.) and streaming while concurrently competing in MSI, Lift Rivalz, and LCK.

In the end, King John won 3-1 with Khan’s performance at the top, completely incapacitating his opponent’s key players, Faker and Bang. SKT T1, which has been running tirelessly in the fourth place of the regular season, will suffer its first defeat in the finals due to the loss of the final. As a lie, SKT failed to spread its wings and ended next summer with seventh place. Longju’s defeat was the beginning of “shock and fear” for SKT fans.

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