The fact that Kim Ha-sung WAR is higher than Darvish Snell

The fact that Kim Ha-sung WAR is higher than Darvish Snell

The fact that Kim Ha-sung WAR is higher than Darvish Snell is a frustrating SD crisis lighting in the U.S. media


“Do you want to see something weird”?

The Athletic, a U.S. sports media outlet, updated its Major League Baseball (MLB) power ranking this week on the 14th (Korea Standard Time). San Diego, which was included in the “TOP 10” until the middle of the season, remained 12th in the rankings. It only rose one notch from last week’s (13th place).

“The Athletic” says, “Should I show you something weird?” According to the “Baseball Reference,” infielder Kim Ha-sung’s contribution to victory (WAR) compared to the substitute is 1.9, higher than Darvish Yu (1.5) or Blake Snell (1.5). “It’s not a good story, but on the other hand, San Diego’s slump these days is the same,” he satirized.

Kim Ha-sung is actually showing below the league average productivity in this season’s offense. His batting average is just over 20 percent. Kim Ha-sung’s WAR was largely built up with defense. However, the WAR of Darvish-Snell, the team’s one-two punch, was set lower than Kim Ha-sung’s WAR. Of course, WAR cannot be the absolute criterion for player evaluation, but it means that the two players are not doing as well as expected.

In fact, Darvish’s performance is getting worse and worse, and Snell, who recently showed powerful pitching, has to worry about being on the injured list due to an internal muscle injury. Jake Cronenworth, a housekeeper, has been hit by a ball in his hand and is not mobilizing normally.

In the meantime, San Diego’s performance is getting slower and slower. As of the 14th (Korea Standard Time), he is ranked third in the western part of the National League with 74 wins and 69 losses (.517). The gap between the LA Dodgers, the second-ranked team in the district, which San Diego once challenged, widened to 17 games, and tied for third half a game behind Cincinnati, the second-ranked team, in the wild card race, which seemed to have once won. Cincinnati should also beat St. Louis, Philadelphia, and the New York Mets. It’s in the middle of the mountain.

“The Athletic” pointed out that the future is more problematic. In fact, Snell, who was playing his part as an ace, was injured, and it is not yet known when normal pitching will be possible due to this injury. Now is just around the corner of the end of the season. On top of that, Darvish is an unknown slump recently.

‘The Athletic’ said, “At this rate, even assuming that they are going to the postseason, Jake Arieta will be the first starter in the playoffs.” Arieta has 5 wins, 12 losses and a 7.04 ERA in 22 games this season. This is sarcastic that San Diego is in crisis 파워볼사이트

The future schedule is also tough. San Diego has to play as many as nine more games against San Francisco, the district leader and trying to secure the top spot to avoid the Dodgers’ pursuit. There are also three consecutive games left against wild card race rival St. Louis. Most of the remaining schedules are against teams with a winning rate of 50% or more. At the beginning of the season, San Diego, which ran as if it would change the western part of the National League, was on the verge of Yongdu Sami.

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