The Dodgers have a Korean in their top 30 prospects

The Dodgers have a Korean in their top 30 prospects

The Dodgers have a Korean in their top 30 prospects


Choi Hyun-il, 21, a promising Korean pitcher, was ranked in the top 30 of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Jim Carlys of, the official Major League website, said on the 1st (Korea time), “Max Schuerzer (37)-Trea Turner (28) trade means that three new names have entered the Dodgers’ top 30. Right-handed pitchers Choi Hyun-il, Carlos Duran, 20, and outfielder James Outman, 24.

Choi Hyun-il is ranked 26th in the Dodgers, higher than Duran (27th) and Outman (28th). If Choi grows up smoothly, it is expected that he will reach the Major League in 2023.

“Choi Hyun-il is a very good command and control player among young pitchers,” said “He knows how to put the ball around the strike zone,” he said in a three-quarter pitching form with a deception. “I don’t think Choi Hyun-il, who is 6 feet 2 inches (about 188 cm), will be taller, but he can enter the end of the Major League starting rotation in the future as a player with a high level of completeness.”

In August 2018, when he was a senior at Seoul High School, Choi Hyun-il made headlines when he signed an international contract with the Dodgers for $300,000. Since then, he has been assigned to the Dodgers Rookie League team, and has been highly likely to have 5 wins, 1 loss and an ERA of 2.63.

This year, he recorded 8 wins, 3 losses and an ERA of 3.17, in 15 games in Rancho Kugamonga, a single A team, and was promoted to the Great Lake Rune, a high-single A team, on the day he entered the top 30.

Usually, it is not necessary to give much meaning to players who are outside the top 10 promising players in Major League teams, but Dodgers with excellent promising prospects and nurturing systems are different.

For example, Josiah Gray, 24, who was at the heart of the “Shorezer” and Turner trade, was also a top 20 prospect in the team when she came to the Dodgers in 2018. However, as a result of the Dodgers’ training, he became the second-ranked player in the team and 41st overall in the Major League this year, and was able to become the right player to bring in two All-Star players.

Dodgers’ ability to nurture is recognized in the Major League. Despite giving up the first and second promising players in the team with this trade, several officials have thrown their tongues at the unwavering farm system. “I wonder when the alternative Los Angeles Dodgers’ farm system will dry up,” said Joe Zenzola Castor of the Wisconsin-based radio “1250 AM The Fan,” after hearing the news of the Schwarzer and Turner trade. I don’t think that’s ever going to happen.”

On July 30 (Korea time), the Dodgers gave up a total of four promising players to recruit Schwarzer and Turner, including Grey, Kibert Luis (23), Heraldo Carrillo (23), and Donovan Casey (25). Lewis was ranked first in the Dodgers, second in Grey, 17th in Carrillo, and 30th in Casey, but in Washington, Lewis, second in Grey, 10th in Carrillo, and 27th in Casey, all ranked in the top 30 of the team.

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