Premenstrual gas ventral pangs only Many women

Premenstrual gas ventral pangs only Many women

Premenstrual gas ventral pangs only


Many women complain of symptoms of filling their stomachs with gas before menstruation. This is due to changes in female hormones during menstrual cycles. The symptoms are usually not severe enough to make daily life difficult. It can be alleviated by controlling eating habits and exercising.

The reason why premenstrual gas is filled is because of progesterone.

The period from the start of menstruation to the start of ovulation is called ovulation period, and the period from ovulation to the start of menstruation is called the macular period. I’m affected by estrogen in my abandonment.

When the ovulation explodes and ovulates, the sulfur forms. At this time, progesterone, a hormone that helps pregnancy, is released to maintain a thick endometrial condition and suppress uterine contraction. In the process, not only uterine muscles but also surrounding organs are unable to move actively, which hinders the interlocking exercise of the intestines, resulting in abdominal bloating before menstruation and gas gaps. If you are not pregnant, your progesterone level decreases and your endometrium cannot be maintained and you are eliminated. This is what menstruation is all about. When menstruation begins, symptoms of premenstrual stomach gas and abdominal swelling are gradually eased 비아그라구입

Pregnancy increases the amount of progesterone produced in the early stages, leading to severe constipation and morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy.

The premenstrual gas tea gives you a light walk or stretching if you have symptoms, and allows you to eat foods that help you emit gas or abdominal bloating before menstruation. Bananas, tomatoes, milk and yogurt are helpful.

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