The cautious New York Knicks will not sign an extension

The cautious New York Knicks will not sign an extension

The cautious New York Knicks will not sign an extension with Cam Reddish

New York Knicks

The New York Knicks will not sign a hasty extension contract.

According to Stephen Bundy, a reporter for the New York Daily News, New York will not sign an extension with Cam Reddish (forward-guard, 203cm, 98kg).

Reddish’s rookie contract will expire at the end of the upcoming 2022-2023 season. Of course, it may be better to sign an extension contract if New York wants it. However, it is understood that Reddish does not want to sign an extension, as it is natural to want a bigger contract.

New York brought Reddish in for a trade during last season. Instead of sending Kevin Nax to the 2022 first round, New York received tickets to Reddish, Solomon Hill and the 2025 second round. New York wanted to fill the outer field with Reddish instead of liquidating the Knox’s contract.

However, Reddish was rather sluggish after the trade. He scored an average of double-digit points for Atlanta, but he rarely played in New York. He played 15 games in New York and played 14.3 minutes per game, scoring 6.1 points (415.258.906) with 1.4 rebounds. On the other hand, Atlanta averaged 11.9 points, 2.5 rebounds, and 1.1 assists in 34 games.

It is understood that New York also did not consider Reddish as a sense of power in the current configuration. Of course, there is plenty of room to watch this season as he will be a limited free agent next summer. If Reddish grows enough this season, New York deserves to consider whether he will stay. However, he is reluctant to sign a contract as he has not shown much yet.

Reddish advanced to the NBA through the 2019 draft. He was called by Atlanta as the 10th player in the first round, and was considered one of the most promising players in Atlanta. However, Atlanta showed limitations as Trey Young and John Carlins emerged as key forces, and Reddish also showed slow growth. In the end, Atlanta traded him to clean up the squad.

Meanwhile, New York has acquired Jailen Brunson (four years, $104 million) this summer. In addition, it signed an extension contract (four-year, $60 million) with Mitchell Robinson, an existing electricity company. Brunson is expected to be the center of power with Julius Randle. In addition, through a trade with the Utah Jazz, Donovan Mitchell (Clibleland) was also wanted, but the negotiations were not concluded.

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