Suspicions of Park Min-young’s own sister’s outside director’s governance

Suspicions of Park Min-young’s own sister’s outside director’s governance

Suspicions of Park Min-young’s own sister’s outside director’s governance are only raising suspicions about her romantic relationship with a wealthy person


While actor Park Min-young has not made any significant position on the romance rumor, some even said that her sister was involved.

On the 29th, SBS Entertainment News reported that Park Min-young’s biological sister, Park (40), was listed as an outside director of a KOSPI-listed company in April. The company is one of the companies suspected of being owned by Park Min-young’s romantic partner, K. K’s sister is the largest shareholder and CEO of the company. While Park Min-young has not responded to rumors of a romantic relationship, there are reports that even her own sister is related to the business, raising speculation that the relationship between the two is more than a relationship between lovers.

On the 28th, Park Min-young was rumored to be dating K. The entertainment media Dispatch said that Park Min-young’s exclusive contract with Hook Entertainment shortly after the end of her exclusive contract with Namu Actors was closely related to K.

However, the media raised suspicions that K was the hidden owner of Bithumb, the nation’s second-largest virtual asset exchange. The reason why I was able to accumulate wealth while living in a luxury villa is because I am a hidden major shareholder of Bithumb. The media said that Mr. K, who was a mobile phone terminal seller, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison and three years of probation for his involvement in fraud cases between 2013 and 2014, and also participated in a bypass loan from a financial company between 2014 and 2015.

Then, K suddenly grabbed three KOSDAQ and KOSPI-listed companies and Bithumb in 2020, saying, “K sold mobile phone businesses and Kang’s sister sold accessories. Then, in 2020, he became the owner of three listed companies. The brother and sister made 23 billion won in a day,” he said, raising suspicions about the source of K’s acquisition funds

Rumors of a romantic relationship between the two also made Bithumb suspicious of its complex governance structure. Controversy is growing over the process of K’s sister controlling the KOSDAQ-listed company, the largest shareholder of Bithumb, the flow of funds after K’s sister took office, allegations that K runs the company with her sister, and rumors of involvement with gangsters in Seongnam.

Hook Entertainment, Park Min-young’s agency, said on the 28th, “Park Min-young is currently filming the drama ‘Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday and Saturday,’ and added, “We ask for your understanding that we are not delivering the exact position quickly.” However, he has not made any position for a second day. Amid rumors of family involvement, attention is being paid to whether Park Min-young will continue to remain silent on rumors of a romantic relationship or make her position clear again.

Meanwhile, Park Min-young is currently appearing on tvN’s “Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Tuesday and Saturday.”

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