examination of ankylosing spondylitis The patient

examination of ankylosing spondylitis The patient

examination of ankylosing spondylitis


The patient’s inflammatory back pain now lasts for more than 3 months and the initial symptoms and movement restrictions are already bent or sideways. The third symptom is just one of the symptoms of decreased lung capacity and decreased chest circumference. And then there’s an X-ray or CT first invasive pelvic spine.But recently, it’s called non-radial myelitis because of chiropractic pressure and terminal stage, which means there’s no radiologist’s transformation yet

For diagnosis, blood tests, symptoms, arthritis, symptoms, red blood cell experience, family history, etc. are normal, and CT or MRI can be taken before leaving the X-ray for inflammation. It’s a little different from company to company. Please tell me what kind of test I should do to diagnose spondylitis. Yes, as I just said, you have to put them together. So the most important thing is X-ray and CT MRI.

And if you think it’s a little lacking, you need to check all the genetic inflammation levels on the blood test It’s good to die if your back hurts, but it’s because of your pelvis. It’s a curse. The middle of the tailbone. It is written in a narrow form between the pelvic ligament spine and the pelvis. It sticks together like this, so it’s dry 강남셔츠룸

I’ll do it like this when time goes by.Later, when it’s almost attached, it’ll be easier to understand if it goes up to the spine, but now it’s the tailbone.

If you have normal X-rays or CTs in your urine, you will now make a progressive diagnosis through MRI at a previous stage. The pain in the spine usually improves when you move because of pain, and the response to anti-inflammatory drugs is good, and most of them are taken in two days, so if there is a structural problem, the back pain is reduced by 20%.

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