“Son Heung-min is back to life, best performance” Neville praises

“Son Heung-min is back to life, best performance” Neville praises

“Son Heung-min is back to life, best performance” Neville praises his performance against Manchester City

Son Heung-min

Gary Neville praised Son Heung-min for returning to his original form against Manchester City.

Tottenham Hotspur, which had the 22nd round of the 2022-2023 English Premier League (EPL) at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London on the 5th, beat Manchester City 1-0. Tottenham had 39 points (12 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses), closely chasing fourth-place Newcastle United (40 points, 10 wins, 10 draws and 1 loss).

Tottenham won by defending Kane’s shot. Kane calmly finished Pierre-Emil Hoivier’s pass in the 14th minute of the first half and scored the winning goal. It was even more meaningful because it was the goal that led to the team’s victory and the 200th goal of his personal career EPL. The goal marked Kane’s third time to reach 200 goals in the EPL after ‘legend’ Ellen Shearer (260 goals in total) and Wayne Rooney (208 goals). He even set a record in 304 games, faster than Shearer (306) and Rooney (462).

Son Heung-min also played well after a long time. He showed several breakthroughs with his long-term speed in counterattack situations. In the 16th minute of the second half, he poked a sharp penetration pass to Hoyvier, creating a chance to score. In the 31st minute of the second half, he threatened Manchester City’s goal with a left-footed shot that caught him off guard. Son Heung-min’s performance was commendable until the 39th minute of the second half when he was replaced.

After the end of the game, England’s “Football London” also gave Son Heung-min seven points, saying, “He seemed to have gained confidence as he moved to box-to-box from the beginning of the game. Running to the left and center has been a constant threat to Manchester City,” he said, giving a good evaluation.

Neville also mentioned Son Heung-min’s performance. In his podcast broadcast, he said, “I saw Son Heung-min’s best performance today,” adding, “I thought Son Heung-min had lost something.” He played a lot of games and was at a high level for a long time. “I can go down for a while, but I’m back to life today,” he praised.

Son Heung-min scored 23 goals last season to become the league’s top scorer, but he had a hard time this season. He was somewhat out of step with the changed tactics and also didn’t fit well with newly joined left wingback Ivan Perisic. Before the World Cup, he suffered a major injury that caused him to reach the top of the face goal. Recently, it has been showing signs of revival. He scored multiple goals in the fourth round of the FA Cup against Preston North End and played well against Manchester City. It is positive that the performance is good for two consecutive games. 안전공원

I’m looking forward to the next game even more. Tottenham will leave for Leicester City on the 12th. Son Heung-min has a lot of good memories against Leicester. Earlier this season, he scored a hat trick against Leicester in 13 minutes. If you score against Leicester once again, there is a good chance that it will continue to rise.

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