Son Dam-bi’s delay Shim Eun-jin’s absence from the wedding

Son Dam-bi’s delay Shim Eun-jin’s absence from the wedding

Son Dam-bi’s delay Shim Eun-jin’s absence from the wedding looking for a bad X that she takes every time she fails to do so

Son Dam-bi

There are cases of being embroiled in “discord rumors” due to absence from weddings. This is because it was judged only to have been revealed without considering individual circumstances.

Jiyeon of the group T-ara married baseball player Hwang Jae-kyun at the Shilla Hotel in Jung-gu, Seoul on the 10th. As much as her long career in entertainment, star acquaintances have blessed Ji-yeon’s future. On top of that, a large number of sports figures attended, captivating the public’s eyes and ears.

A wedding that should be applauded and encouraged. Doubt has tarnished the meaning of the wedding. It is because Soyeon, a member of the same group, did not attend Jiyeon’s wedding. The news spread, leading to a ‘discord’ that the relationship between the two has become estranged

Soyeon was on Jeju Island at the time. She left her husband and national soccer team Cho Yu-min. Cho Yoo-min returned from the Qatar World Cup earlier and chose to go to Jeju Island in order to recover from fatigue. It was his wife So-yeon’s consideration for her team’s winter training, which will also follow to relieve her tiredness from playing in the World Cup.

Jiyeon and Soyeon spent eight years in a group. It is regrettable that the group member did not attend the wedding, but there was a reason for it. However, some people have already branded it an “uncomfortable relationship.”

Many celebrities have been under similar rumors this year. The wedding of singer Son Dam-bi and former speed skater Lee Kyu-hyuk was a problem.

Son Dam-bi and Lee Kyu-hyuk got married last April. Jeong Ryeo-won, who was known as his best friend, did not appear in the presence of numerous celebrity guests. Afterwards, “The rumor that Son Dam-bi broke up.” There were also articles about “I got Lee Kyu-hyuk and lost my best friend.”

According to Jeong Ryeo-won’s agency, he was filming the Disney Plus original series “Let’s Start the Argument” in Gangwon-do. Last year, the two were embroiled in a controversy over a fake fisheries industry. The cause of the feud is understandable, but it has been plagued by over-speculation. Son Dam-bi also said, “That’s ridiculous. “It’s not true at all, so I hope there’s no misunderstanding,” he explained.

Baby Vox also explained by an unexpected feud. Shim Eun-jin married Jeon Seung-bin in September. Later, Baby Vox members Kim I-ji, Lee Hee-jin, and Gan Mi-yeon sang “Unfortunately” as a congratulatory song.

Only group member Yoon Eun-hye was excluded from the congratulatory song, causing controversy. Baby Vox has already explained the rumor of discord several times through broadcasts. Despite their appeals, rumors of discord have become a fait accompli 강남매직미러

Whether to attend a wedding or not, guest invitation is an ‘area of privacy’. Their relationship is constantly fluttering. It doesn’t matter whether they’re not on good terms or absenteeism due to personal reasons. The absence of a seat is a rumor of discord. It’s just a embarrassment for the main characters of the wedding who should be happy

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