Early symptoms of early gastric cancer Why do you have stomach

Early symptoms of early gastric cancer Why do you have stomach

Early symptoms of early gastric cancer


Why do you have stomach cancer? Stomach cancer is still the most common among Koreans. It’s the fourth most common cancer in the first woman. I’m sorry. The cause of the outbreak may be various prayers, but if you go to Helicobacter, you will eat strawberries in Korea. It is difficult to find foods that contain more nitrite after saline in processed meat. I’m talking about sausages. I think we should be more careful about urethane food, food, smoking, etc.

Especially stomach cancer. I heard that there are advanced stomach cancer and early stomach cancer. I know the difference More than a decade ago, most of them were progressive nursing, but recently, the frequency of endoscopy has increased and the number of endoscopy has increased, accounting for about 60% of all early gastric cancer screens.

The upper wall can be seen briefly by dividing it into four layers. My friend wouldn’t do this. It’s mucous membrane, mucous membrane, lower membrane, muscle layer, and Jang Manchun. Regardless of initial preference, this is the first and second limiting case above. We call progressive gastric cancer the third invasion.

Progressive gastric cancer can be treated by surgery, but early gastric cancer can be treated without surgery, and overall, people with a 5-year survival rate of 95% do not die of jogging sheep, so it is important to detect it early through regular gastroscopy.

Early gastric cancer was discovered early, so it would be good to treat it, but why is it polyp if you get a gastroscopy? It’s not an initial procedure for stomach cancer, it’s polyp removal. It’s a little different. It’s hard to find it without a checkup because most of the cases are missing. It is important to detect it early through regular gastroscopy.

Even if it’s crazy, not everyone can get an endoscopy. CT, you and I can receive endoscopic treatment only after confirming that there are no lymph nodes.

If it is early gastric cancer and it is judged that endoscopic treatment is possible, endoscopic submucosal resection for early gastric cancer treatment is possible. It’s not a big deal, but it’s 20% with an endoscope. It’s an endoscopic mucosal resection, but it’s a mistake to cut out the second bottom of the mucous membrane on the upper wall.

If there are no complications after the procedure, you can start immediately the next day and start Taehoon on the second day. Time doesn’t come by itself, as if the wound of attraction had healed. After about two months of contractual medication, you will recover to normal and undergo endoscopy again within two to three months. Through this process, endoscopic treatment can be completely cured without early gastric cancer surgery

In fact, prevention may be the most difficult way for Koreans. Eating habits are preventing cancer. The most important thing in Korea is to eat bland food first, eat less processed food alone, and not eat burnt meat. It is recommended to avoid alcohol smoking mode. It can also be helpful to use it on a personal plate instead of lying down right after a meal

Above all, if you hear about chronic atrophic gastritis or intestinal epidermis through endoscopy, or if your family comes here with stomach cancer, it is recommended to have an endoscopy every year if necessary. Also, if Helicobacter is identified, it is important to receive treatment from Yoon Jae-gyun to prevent stomach cancer

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