Shin Dae-chul, Na Hoon-ah’s public criticisms

Shin Dae-chul, Na Hoon-ah’s public criticisms

Shin Dae-chul, Na Hoon-ah’s public criticisms, even cancels dozens of performances.

Shin Dae-chul

Guitarist Shin Dae-chul, the leader of the band Sinawi, publicly criticized Na Hoon-ah, who is pushing for a national tour concert despite the spread of coronavirus 19.

Shin Dae-chul said on his SNS on the 21st, “I envy Na Hoon-ah. The juniors are canceling their performances with only a few dozen people.”

Then Shin Dae-chul said, “Socratic, be humble, be gentle in your youth. “Be fair in the old age, be careful in the old age,” he said, recalling Na Hoon-a’s hit song “Tes-hyung,” citing Socrates, sarcastically, “Don’t you need a virtue that you can refrain from at least once?”

Shin Dae-chul said, “This is an emergency situation where the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus is at its highest. But if you’re going to perform, there’s nothing you can do about those who are weak and can’t make it.”I’d like to request a song.” Please sing “One Million Roses” next time. It’s perfect if you sing it with Tess hyung. You won’t need to practice separately. It’s the same song,” he added, arguing that Shim Soo-bong’s “million roses” and Na Hoon-a’s “Tes type” are similar 광주호빠

Earlier, Na Hoon-a held a national tour concert “Na Hoon-a Again Tess-type” at Exco in Daegu from the 16th to the 18th. About 22,000 people reportedly attended the concert, which was held six times in three days with 4,000 seats.

At that time, Daegu was in the second stage of social distancing, so the concert itself was not a problem. However, at the time of the fourth pandemic, when the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus exceeds 1,000 a day, criticism of the performance was raised as many audiences are expected to move from all over the country. Concerns have grown as Na Hoon-ah’s Busan performance is scheduled for the 23rd to 25th.

However, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasures Headquarters announced on the 21st that it will ban performances at unregistered venues such as gyms and parks in non-capital areas until the 1st of next month. As a result, Na Hoon-a’s concert scheduled at the BEXCO exhibition hall in Busan is unlikely to be held.

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