Seo Hee-won Koo Jun-yeop became a full-love story

Seo Hee-won Koo Jun-yeop became a full-love story

Seo Hee-won Koo Jun-yeop became a full-love story lover of the century

Seo Hee-won

Singer Koo Joon-yeop became a lover of the century by showing infinite affection for his wife Seo Hee-won.

On tvN’s You Quiz on the Block, which aired on the 22nd, Koo Joon-yeop, who met Taiwanese actor Seo Hee-won again for the first time in 20 years and became a hot topic of marriage, revealed the full love story for the first time.

Regarding the reason for refraining from broadcasting, Koo Joon-yeop said, “I didn’t do anything because I was worried that my preciousness would be blown away if I went overboard when I was so happy, but there were many stories made because I didn’t do it.” Koo Joon-yeop cheered for Yoo Jae-seok, saying, “I will only do ‘You Quiz’ and not do the broadcast.”

Koo Joon-yeop said, “There is a typical misunderstanding in the newspaper that my mother will not accept it in Taiwan, but my mother was very happy. Also, my mother-in-law really likes me. You can’t help but be happy to see her loving her daughter so much when she is a mother,” Seo Hee-won’s mother explained the rumor that she opposed marriage.

Koo said, “I remember we first met at So Hye-ryun’s concert. But Hee Won said he never went to that concert. He said he became a fan of me after watching a video of me coming to Taiwan. I said I liked this person so much, so the staff made a rumor, and there was a seat, and I saw (Hee Won) there, and I thought it was so good,” he recalled his first meeting.

Later, the romance began, and Koo Joon-yeop said, “I became famous there (Taiwan), so I wore a wig and went to Taiwan,” adding, “I have that picture and Hee-won have it, but I won’t show it to you.”

In addition, the two eventually announced that they chose to break up due to opposition from around them, and Koo Jun-yeop said, “I remember the day when I broke up. I hugged and cried all night. “I remember taking him to the airport,” he said. “I felt like a fool. I think it was hard for me to handle. I could handle it.”

Koo Jun-yeop said, “I thought about where to run on the day we parted ways. What do you normally do when you mess up like that? He’s my partner. And I was worried about my parents because I was the head of the family at that time. I had no choice but to stop here,” he added.

When asked, “If I go back,” Koo Jun-yeop said, “I don’t think we’ll break up if we go back now. “I don’t think we’ll break up thinking that it’s okay to lose everything and that we can’t do anything,” he said, showing his love again.

Koo Joon-yeop released photos of the two’s first meeting, as well as friendly photos of the day they registered their registration.

Koo Joon-yeop said, “Hee-won still comes running and hugs me if he likes something good. It’s so lovely. Hee-won hugged me, so I thought, “She’s the one.” Heewon has too much love. When you’re together, you feel like love is buried. I will express every day and give all the love I can give to Heewon. Whether Hee Won has gray hair or not, I think it’ll be cuter. I imagine we’re getting old together,” he said, not hiding his feelings.

Lastly, when I gave him a chance to send a video letter, Koo Jun-yeop said, “Hee-won, thank you so much for accepting me again after 20 years, and I will protect, love, and cherish you so that you can spend the rest of your life with me.” I love you, Hee-won,” he said, drawing a lot of attention.

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