Diabetes treatment (drug diet exercise therapy)

Diabetes treatment (drug diet exercise therapy)

Diabetes treatment (drug diet exercise therapy)


Diabetes is a disease caused by insufficient insulin It promotes secretion and stimulates insulin resistance The important thing is diet and exercise therapy You can use medication when you can’t control your diet If it’s not a drug, there’s a rare way to operate There’s a cell in the pancreas that secretes insulin in the pancreas

In the case of type 2 diabetes recently, obesity causes type 2 diabetes, and you can say that you control diabetes through obesity metabolic surgery You talked about medication

There are some medications that will be used most of the time in medication In the past of organs that regulate blood sugar in the body, there are beta cells that secrete insulin even in the longest celestial bodyThere’s blood sugar oligocytesThere are alpha cells 비아그라 파는곳

It controls the appetite of the gastrointestinal fat brain, so it is Recently, glucose was controlled by the absorbers, the absorbers, and the drugs controlled the allocation of eight organs in the body, and they controlled blood sugar, and drugs were made with relationship targets

First of all, for diabetics, it’s important to control your lifestyle You need to know well about the disease You have to be careful about when you need to take medicine and how it shows when you need to take it and whether you need to stop taking it when you’re sick

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