I’m glad to meet you at the meeting of Elizabeth Ok Joo-hyun

I’m glad to meet you at the meeting of Elizabeth Ok Joo-hyun

I’m glad to meet you at the meeting of Elizabeth Ok Joo-hyun


Singer and musical actor Ok Joo-hyun visited the practice room of “Elisabeth” with a bright look.

Ok Joo-hyun attended the meeting of the musical “Elisabeth” held at the practice room of EMK Entertainment located in Nonhyeon-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul at noon on the 27th. On the 25th, the news of the meeting was known as the X-Sports News report. The meeting is the first time for all actors, directors, and music directors to gather. Elizabeth has been loved as a steady seller since its premiere in 2012 and celebrated its 10th anniversary this year.

Ok Joo-hyun arrived at the practice room looking modest. X-Sports News recently asked Ok Joo-hyun how he felt before the 10th anniversary performance of “Elizabeth.” In response, Ok Joo-hyun greeted brightly, saying, “I’m happy to visit you.” He also didn’t forget to say, “Be careful because it’s raining.” Other actors also greeted each other and headed to the practice room.

Earlier, Ok Joo-hyun was under fire for his appearance in the musical “Elizabeth” and controversy over casting his personal connections. Kim Ho-young’s “okjangpan” remarks raised suspicions, and some netizens continued to speculate. Since then, Ok Joo-hyun has filed a lawsuit against Kim Ho-young and haters for defamation.

The two actors’ accusations shook the musical world day after day. In response, first-generation senior actors Nam Kyung-joo, Choi Jung-won, and Park Kal-rin issued an appeal on the 22nd, and actors and directors such as Jung Sun-ah, Shin Young-sook, Jo Kwon, Lee Kun-myung, Choi Jae-rim, Cha Ji-yeon, Kim So-hyun, Jung Sung-hwa, Choi Yoo-ha, Park Hye-na, Min Hwal-ran, and Jeon Soo-kyung joined the seniors’ wishes.

In response, Ok Joo-hyun said on his SNS on the 24th, “I read the appeals of musical actors,” adding, “As a person who has loved and cherished musicals for 17 years, I realized and reflected that I was not careful in the process of explaining them.” He again denied any involvement in the casting scandal.

Kim Ho-young also contacted Ok Joo-hyun to resolve misunderstandings and conflicts.

Meanwhile, Ok Joo-hyun will appear on MBC FM4U radio’s “Date Musician of Two Poems, Ahn Young-mi” with Kim Sung-sik and Yoon So-ho, who are appearing in the musical “Mata Hari” on the afternoon of the 27th. “Elizabeth” will perform at Blue Square Shinhan Card Hall on August 25 to celebrate its 10th anniversary

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