Ronaldo is so old that Messi can’t beat the most goals

Ronaldo is so old that Messi can’t beat the most goals

Ronaldo is so old that Messi can’t beat the most goals


Cristiano Ronaldo (36) was also a human player in front of Lionel Messi (34).

British media “Givme Sports” scored 69 goals this year alone, with Roberto Lewandowski (33) adding one goal in the 14th round of the German Bundesliga in the 2021-22 season against Wolfsburg at Allianz Arena on the 20th (Korea Standard Time). It is tied with Ronaldo’s most goals in 2013. But they look human compared to Messi, he said.

“In 2012, Messi surpassed Gerd Mueller (76)’s record for the most goals in the year in 1972. “It’s still hard to believe that I scored 91 goals,” he added.

Messi broke Mueller’s 85 goals in 40 years, the most goals scored in the previous year. After Messi broke Mueller’s record, it was alleged that Koimbrazico (68) scored 89 goals unofficially in 1979. However, Messi also put the controversy to rest with his skills, beating Lee by two goals.

Unlike Messi, who scored the most goals in a year, Ronaldo and Lewandowski still have legends to overcome. They failed to break the most goals in a year by Homariou (55), Pele (81), and Zico, including Mueller. Homariou scored 72 goals in 2000, and Zico also scored 72 goals in 1979. Pele scored 72 goals in 1965 and 75 goals in 1958, showing a “soccer emperor” aspect with his amazing scoring ability.

“Give Me Sports” said, “Ronaldo and Lewandowski are great golfers in history, but they have not surpassed the legend of four except Messi.”

Messi’s record is unlikely to be broken for a while. The media said, “Ronaldo and Lewandowski are old like wine. “They won’t be able to threaten Messi’s 91 goals,” he predicted.

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