HOLAND Manchester United and other sudden goodbye

HOLAND Manchester United and other sudden goodbye

HOLAND Manchester United and other sudden goodbye to home fans


Elling Holland (21, Dortmund) caused several speculations with gestures suggesting farewell.

Dortmund started against Greuther Furt in the Bundesliga in the 2021-22 season at home stadium Zignal Iduna Park on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) and scored two goals. Dortmund won 3-0. This was Dortmund’s last home game in 2021.

Holland’s actions drew attention after the game. Holland greeted his fans around the home stadium. There’s nothing much strange up to here. However, on this day, he waved with a serious expression different from usual. He even tapped his chest with his left hand. In the Western world, this movement is interpreted as an “apology with sincerity” or “last greeting.” Often, winks were also added.

Even in the eyes of local reporters in Germany, Holland’s greeting seems unique. They asked Dortmund general manager Michael Jorg, “Is Holland really moving?” General manager Jorg said, “I didn’t see Holland’s greeting scene. Later, I found out by looking at the picture. “It was definitely a different greeting compared to usual,” he replied.

“But it doesn’t seem to be the intended movement. When I asked Holland, he said, “It wasn’t anything. I don’t think I have to pay much attention to it,” he added. The authenticity of the conversation between Jorg and Holland is not clear. There is a possibility that the leader covered up to turn the media’s attention.

England’s The Sun said, “Holland, who is receiving great attention from Manchester United, left a meaningful greeting to fans in his last home game of the year,” adding, “Manchester United has picked Holland as the striker to succeed Cristiano Ronaldo (36) 토토추천

The link between Holland and Manchester United is also drawing attention. Manchester United’s new coach Ralph Frank is a figure who pushed for Holland when he worked as the head of Red Bull Salzburg (Austria) in the past. In addition, Holland’s father, Alfing, is known to be close to Holland. This is why various speculations have spread over Holland’s personnel appointment.

In addition to Manchester United, there are many clubs that pay attention to Holland’s future. Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), Manchester City, and Bayern Munich are showing interest in recruiting Holland. Attention is focusing on Holland’s move, called the next “Menaldo (Mesh, Ronaldo).”

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