Right pelvic ovary pain Right pelvic ovary pain

Right pelvic ovary pain Right pelvic ovary pain

Right pelvic ovary pain


Q: I visited the hospital because I had a similar pain to pelvic inflammation in my right lower abdomen. He said the lump on the ovary seemed to have fallen off. I still have pain a few days later. It’s nothing serious, but my lower abdomen in the right pelvis is tingling and throbbing. I get sick a few times a day, and then I repeat that I’m okay. Are you all right?

A: The ovarian cyst appears to have been diagnosed with a natural removal of the pain. Ovarian cyst is a benign disease that occurs when abnormalities in the immune system, endometrial tissue and menstrual blood flow back into the ovary. It’s usually a benign lump. Early treatment is important because it can destroy normal tissues if left unattended 필름형비아그라

Typical symptoms include pain, bleeding, pressure, infertility, infertility, menstrual pain, irregular bleeding, sexual transportation, pelvic pain, etc. Even if there are no problems so far, it is recommended to remove them early because they can cause many problems in the future.

It seems that the lump has been removed naturally, but it is necessary to get a close examination to see if there is any pain caused by other problems. This is because pain can be found not only in ovarian cysts but also in diseases such as uterine myoma and uterine adenomyopathy. If there is no treatment or examination, please double-check the removal of ovarian cysts through ultrasonic waves, CT, MRI, etc.

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