Irregular menstruation, four days and then two days later

Irregular menstruation, four days and then two days later

Irregular menstruation, four days and then two days later.


Q: I’m a woman in my early 20s. Menstruation is usually about 9 days. This time, brown nengmyun came out as if it would start on the 7th and end on the 10th. I thought it was over, but my period came out again on the afternoon of the 11th. Are there any problems?

A: Irregular menstrual causes vary. It is a common symptom that even healthy women can experience. It can occur due to poor eating habits, insufficient sleep, and stress. Also, the effects of environmental hormones from excessive consumption of instant food can cause irregular menstruation. If it’s not a routine problem, you can suspect uterine or ovarian disease.

This is because gynecological diseases that more than 30 to 40% of women with irregular menstrual symptoms include uterine myoma, uterine adenomyopathy, uterine polyps, and ovarian cysts. It may be related to polycystic ovary syndrome, one of the disorders of ovulation. If you find the exact cause of the disease and leave it untreated, it can cause difficulty or infertility, so we recommend you to have a detailed examination at the gynecologist. It’s hard to notice because there’s no pain, bleeding, or pressure right now.

It seems that irregular menstruation appeared temporarily. First of all, keep a proper lifestyle and watch for more than a week, and if menstrual irregularities continue, visit the gynecologist immediately for proper treatment.

If you receive gynecological checkups more than once or twice a year without any special symptoms or pain, you can check your uterine and ovarian health status at the same time as preventing female diseases.

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