Kim Yong-gun’s prenuptial pregnancy legal dispute over 39

Kim Yong-gun’s prenuptial pregnancy legal dispute over 39

Kim Yong-gun’s prenuptial pregnancy legal dispute over 39-year-old younger childbirth

Kim Yong-gun's

Actress Kim Yong-gun, 76, has been embroiled in a prenuptial pregnancy scandal. A legal battle has begun over whether to give birth or not. The woman in question is currently suing Kim Yong-gun.

Kim Yong-gun met a 37-year-old complainant in 2008. They formed a relationship at a drama ending party and maintained a good relationship for 13 years.

Kim Yong-gun’s acquaintance told Dispatch that the two continued to meet without burden, and that they were helping each other and relying on each other.

The conflict between Kim Yong-gun and A erupted in March. When Mr. A told the news of his pregnancy, Kim Yong-gun opposed the birth. The difference between the two turned into lawsuits.

Kim Yong-gun’s 76-year-old age was burdensome. He faced a real problem that he would not be able to take care of his child to the end.

Mr. A says abortion is not possible. “We’ve been hiding for 13 years,” A’s side. “Now, erase the life inside the ship,” he complained.

“As Kim Yong-gun’s (remaining) life is precious, so is a woman’s life,” A said. “I think it is selfish and irresponsible.”

Eventually, premarital pregnancy turned into a legal battle. On the 24th, A sued Kim Yong-gun for attempted abortion. He recently appeared at the police station and completed investigation into the complainant.

Kim Yong-gun expressed regret over the legal action. Kim Yong-gun said, “A suddenly blocked the conversation and filed a complaint. It is not a matter to argue with at the police station.

Kim Yong-gun is determined to fully accept A’s opinion. “At the end of May, I expressed my intention to do my best to support the birth of A,” he said.

Kim Yong-gun said, “I became pregnant at the age of 76. “At first, I was embarrassed,” he said. “In the process of persuading A, his voice grew. “Now I want to clear up the misunderstanding.”

“I think the health of A and the fetus is more important than the current situation,” he added. “I want to talk to A.”

Mr. A refused to talk directly. The wound that I received in the two months after I got pregnant is too big. He left everything to his legal representative.

“A met Kim Yong-gun at the age of 24 and became pregnant at the age of 37,” lawyer Sun Jong-moon said. “Many things have happened over the past 13 years. “We need a responsible attitude,” he said.

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