Real finally Mbappe bet 240.8 billion won Real Madrid

Real finally Mbappe bet 240.8 billion won Real Madrid

Real finally Mbappe bet 240.8 billion won


Real Madrid have made their final offer for Kilian Mbappe and are expected to pay off at last.

Spanish media Marca said on the 27th (Korea time) that PSG has decided to accept Real Madrid’s final offer of 180 million euros. Mbappe is scheduled to head to Madrid tomorrow.

Sky Sports said on the 26th that Real Madrid offered PSG a second offer of 170 million euros (about 234.3 billion won) to sign Kilien Mbappe. On the 24th, Real, which had already offered PSG 160 million euros (about 220.5 billion won) in transfer fees, made a second proposal by raising the amount.

PSG rejected the first offer, but Real did not give in. After a huge second offer of 160 million euros was rejected, he proposed 170 million euros, plus an additional 10 million euros as a bonus.

But PSG once again rejected Real’s offer. French media RMC Sports said PSG rejected Real Madrid’s offer of 170 million euros. More than two hours later, Real made a final offer of 180 million euros (about 248 billion won), which added an additional 10 million euros to the second proposal as a bonus.

Initially, PSG’s position was stubborn. PSG Chairman Nasser al-Kelaifi, who attended the UEFA Champions League draw ceremony in Istanbul, Turkey, said in an interview after the event, “Mbappe? The position of me and the club is very clear. We are not going to change our position or repeat it said.

Under the current circumstances, Mbappe now seems to have no regrets about PSG. He rejected PSG’s offer to renew its five-year contract. Long-term renewals can be burdensome, but French media say Mbappe’s renewal is no longer a matter of money. Now Mbappe wants a new challenge.

However, Real did not give in and offered twice on the same day. It offered 170 million euros, up from about 13.7 billion euros. It was the second offer to confirm Real’s sincere desire to recruit Mbappe. However, PSG also immediately rejected the offer an hour later. Upon hearing the news, Real made an additional offer of 10 million 안전놀이터추천

As PSG finally accepts the final offer, Real are on the verge of recruiting Mbappe, which it had hoped for so much. Once the individual agreement is reached, Real will be fully successful in signing Mbappe.

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