Big feeling like Kim Young-dae Penha and Hyun-hoon I don’t

Big feeling like Kim Young-dae Penha and Hyun-hoon I don’t

Big feeling like Kim Young-dae Penha and Hyun-hoon I don’t know about Kim Young-dae.


“Penthouse 3” Kim Young-dae showed off his charm through a pictorial.

Kim Young-dae, who plays the role of tin Hoon in the popular drama “Penthouse 3,” decorated the September issue of fashion lifestyle magazine “Allure Korea.”

The photo shoot, which was shot in the hotel lobby and suite in the middle of the night, features Kim Young-dae, who has become even more mature. In the released pictorial, Kim Young-dae made women’s hearts flutter by giving a variety of charms with his playful expression while biting a hamburger and a deep look in the cut with a hat on. Rumor has it that shooting a photo shoot in the middle of the night for Penthouse 3 was unusual.

Kim Young-dae’s line in “Penthouse 3” left a deep impression in his mind, saying, “If my dad is a snake, I am a snake cub, and I was in love with him.” He analyzed that the drama is popular because the narrative of all the characters is unusual. Through the interview that followed, Kim Young-dae said, “There seems to have been changes in various ways as we came to season 3. Seok-hoon seems to have grown up with me,” he smiled. He always said he was not satisfied with himself, but on the contrary, when asked if he was satisfied with anything, he said, “Everyone in the entertainment industry is so attractive. In the meantime, I have recently begun to think that I have about 1 percent of my own color. I wanted to find my own color and color it more. “I wish I had something different and I should cheer up for those who support me,” he calmly said.

“The reason why I am here is because there are people who have worked hard by my side. “So we have to do well, and we have to do it with a heart that we always have to repay, so we must not do it,” he said quietly, drawing attention from the public. Kim Young-dae, who sometimes becomes smaller, always tries to remember his appreciation for those who have been by his side, said, “For those who watched ‘A Day Found by Somehow,’ I am Oh Nam-joo.” It’s so nice to see someone who saw my little piece. For many people these days, I’m just ‘Ju Seok Hoon’. “I don’t know much about Kim Young-dae, but I think that’s a good idea,” he said.

If the Penthouse series set the stage for Kim Young-dae to become a Rising Star, the next film “Shooting Star” will show a new transformation. After a short break after the end of Penthouse 3, Kim Young-dae will be immediately put into the set of his next film “Shooting Star” to play Gong Tae-sung, the top star of perfect integrity. When asked what kind of vacation a top star would have, he said, “Wouldn’t he be on a yacht or in a hotel? I just imagine this and that. “I’m still a senior,” he said in a witty reply.

Meanwhile, Kim Young-dae’s heartwarming visuals and honest interviews can be found on the September issue of fashion lifestyle magazine Allure Korea and the official website of Allure Korea.

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