Nucksal is getting married Two years of hard work

Nucksal is getting married Two years of hard work

Nucksal is getting married Two years of hard work


Singer and rapper Nucksal becomes the groom of September.

An official from Nucksal’s agency, VMC (Vis Major Company), told the sports trend on the 5th that “Nucksal will be married to his lover at the end of September.”

Nucksal marries a two-year-old non-celebrity somewhere in Seoul. Nucksal’s bride-to-be is said to be a company employee six years younger

Earlier, Nucksal directly mentioned his lover on tvN’s entertainment program “Amazing Saturday” on the 23rd. “It’s the first romance rumor in my life. A few years ago, even if I openly revealed my relationship, there was no article, and it suddenly exploded today,” he said, referring to his changed status.

When the members made fun of the article, referring to the sentence “a sincere office worker six years younger,” Nucksal said, “The nickname is also an office worker,” making people laugh.

In a series of video messages, Nucksal said, “Honey, are you enjoying it? I’m working hard and making money, let’s meet sincerely.”

When Shin Dong-yeop asked me mischievously, “Is the ‘sincere office worker’ also aware of the romance?” Nucksal said, “We’ve been dating for two years.” A relationship that has been agreed upon between the two sides,” he replied brazenly

Nucksal appeared on a radio show in December 2016 and announced his wedding plan. “I really want to get married in the middle of my 30s,” he said. “I really want to get married with someone I meet.”

Meanwhile, Nucksal debuted in 2009 with the release of the team’s first album “Sine Qua Non Vol.1”. Later, he became the runner-up in Mnet’s entertainment show “Show Me the Money 6” in 2017, making his name known in earnest. He’s currently on tvN’s “Amazing Saturday”

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