Early pregnancy miscarriage (irregular menstrual cycle)

Early pregnancy miscarriage (irregular menstrual cycle)

Early pregnancy miscarriage (irregular menstrual cycle)


People who know about early pregnancy miscarriages experience it. It’s more common than you think It’s very shocking. For those who prepared Kim Shinwoo’s song or those who were looking forward to it, you’ll be shocked when you check your pregnancy and tell them that you can’t see your baby or your heart doesn’t beat I’ll tell you how much acid you get in the early stages of pregnancy, why you get it, and what kind of symptoms you can distinguish it from, and that’s the main cause of early pregnancy, which is the pregnancy itself is wrong, like a baby house I can’t see the baby inside. It’s an empty house. In that case, just because the house is bigger doesn’t mean it’s going to happen, because this is about half of all early pregnancy miscarriages, and I really want it

80 percent of all pregnancies occur before 12 weeks, miscarriage before 3 months, which is a sort of screening When I heard the problematic pregnancy, it became a kind in the beginning, and it was affected by other things on the lake, so it’s a problem Sometimes it’s Yoo Sanghee and sometimes it’s maintained You don’t have to feel sorry for your early pregnancy You can think that your pregnancy is over because like I said before, everything is empty I can see the other babies, but 50% of them have chromosomes He has a problem. He can’t grow For kids, it can be saved In the beginning, the heart beats and disappears, and the baby looks like a mole, but the heart doesn’t beat. It appears like this

Then, if your mom is too old, you can have a miscarriage rate. Even if it’s not normal, the environment is not good because of Kiyoung, or if your mom has a serious disease or cancer, you may get radiation from Mokpo for treatment If the treatment dose is radiation-exhausted, it can be erased as a major miscarriage, such as cases and chronic diseases It can affect tuberculosis, diabetes, hypothyroidism, and severe cases These factors combine to form part of the rest, as people with underlying diseases generally know

You know if I’m allowed to get pregnant or not So even when you’re pregnant, the biggest concern is whether I’m not good at taking medicine or drinking alcohol, but taking a little bit of noise doesn’t have a big impact. Like taking a lot of first shoes or drugs, or continuing to take illegal drugs. Things like that, or general things are okay. Professional drugs Those who are exposed to benzene or arsenic, nurses who are continuously treating Hanam, or those who are in contact with animals can be affected But I had a Tylenol because of a headache Friends, I went to a meeting and had a drink It’s hard to think that because I didn’t know I was pregnant, it would lead to miscarriage If you look at the types of people that we can prevent 강남풀싸롱

You know, bacterial inflammation In normal conditions of vaginitis, does it affect pregnancy? It may be itchy or uncomfortable without treatment, but chlamydia, one of the sexually transmitted diseases, is associated with early pregnancy miscarriage If you have inflammation and there are many heads of Kookmin Bank when you are pregnant, you have to take a test. Even if you are pregnant, make sure to take medicine and treat it to keep your pregnancy safe I have diabetes that I can’t do anything about, but there are people who tell me what to do and have thyroid disease In that case, you have to control it well If you get insulin before pregnancy, if you take the right medicine, you should control it as you take it and get pregnant, so that you can get pregnant well and sleep better when you are pregnant When diabetes becomes free, blood sugar is maintained at a constant level, and the risk is similar to that of non-diabetic mothers without any other side effects, but when it’s not well controlled, the amount of fluid increases

It’s time for babies to come out when they don’t listen to it. It’s time for them to come out and get too big. You need to control your pregnancy. In general, people who have good health and don’t have any problems with checkups don’t have to put too much meaning into it because most of themselves Depending on the age, there’s a bit of capacity I’m over 35 years old

If you’re over 40 years old, your pregnancy rate goes down and your miscarriage rate goes up a lot. You can’t change your age. So you have to take care of other risk factors such as folic acid and thyroid problems If you’re overweight or obese, or if you don’t eat a lot, or if you have a food disorder, it doesn’s hard to recognize and maintain

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