McGregor’s 32-year-old villain is back on his feet

McGregor’s 32-year-old villain is back on his feet

McGregor’s 32-year-old villain is back on his feet.


Conor McGregor (32, Ireland) and UFC had a bad time last year.

McGregor complained that all of his match proposals were ignored. In the end, he even declared a “surprise retirement.”

The UFC also turned its back on the fighter, calling him “the worst fighter ever.” There was no breakthrough to break through the dark clouds on both sides 파워볼사이트

The temperature changed in the new year is noticeable. On the 24th (Korea time), UFC CEO Dayna White said to McGregor, who was punching Dustin Poyeri (31, USA) at UFC 257, “The real thing is back.” Fans will be able to see a thoroughly prepared Irish fighter. “If we beat Foyrie, we plan to play the title game with Habib Nurmagomedov.”

“That was the case last year,” White said in an interview with ESPN on Wednesday. Clearly, McGregor had a bad relationship. “I was really angry,” he said.

But we have succeeded in building a good relationship again. “It’s perfect right now.”

McGregor wrote “Corner McGregor vs Diego Sanchez” on Twitter in February last year and deleted it soon. “I will fight Sanchez in Mexico. November 15!” he wrote.

It was interpreted as a message that he will increase his touch with his fans as he frequently climbs the Octagon in 2020.

However, the UFC did not actively respond. In the aftermath of Corona 19, all sports events were “suspended.” Because of this, it was difficult to invite stadiums, schedule adjustments, and attract sponsors.

About a month before he mentioned Sanchez, McGregor laid “Cowboy” Donald Seroni (37, USA) on the head kick TKO 40 seconds after the game began. The best hit was known to be healthy, but things didn’t work out as expected afterwards. In the process, misunderstandings piled up and eventually announced his retirement in September last year.

The UFC said it does not need a fighter who behaves rashly as UFC battalions. He made it clear that he would not be dragged by Amman Superstar.

“It’s different now. McGregor has come to his senses. He is also well motivated. No player is more interesting and fun than McGregor, who is motivated to fight. I’ve been talking to him a lot lately, and I can assure you. McGregor is clear-minded now. I’m back to my old days as Real Cormac. “The real McGregor is back,” he said with emphasis.

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