Lim Si-wan said, “I’m jealous of your outgoing personality. I copied

Lim Si-wan said, “I’m jealous of your outgoing personality. I copied

Lim Si-wan said, “I’m jealous of your outgoing personality. I copied Kwang-hee.” Confess your experience.

Lim Si-wan

Singer and actor Lim Si-wan delivered warm encouragement to beginners in society.

Digital media channel Dingo released episode 6 of “Good Job Today 2023” with Lim Si-wan on Dingo Story’s official YouTube channel at 6 p.m. on the 3rd. “Good Job Today” is Dingo’s killer content, which has been produced since 2016, and is a reality program where a star who achieved his dream visits the daily lives of fans running toward his dream and delivers support and hope.

In this episode 6, the story of Kim Sang-hee, a beginner in society who works for a video tech company, was introduced. Sang-hee, who has been in the company for five months, is a young man in Korea who is still adjusting to a strange working life by staying alone after work.

Lim Si-wan, who turned into a flower delivery driver, made a surprise appearance in front of Sang-hee, who was studying in an empty office. Sang-hee, who received the flower without knowing why, could not hide her surprise, saying, “I saw it on Netflix yesterday,” after checking the face of Si-wan Lim, who took off his hat and mask.

In response to Sang-hee’s concern that “I don’t think I’m good at social life because I’m introverted,” Lim Si-wan said, “Gwang-hee is good at such things.” “I want to have that kind of personality.” “I’m so jealous,” he said, “I tried hard to imitate Kwang-hee’s tone,” confessing that he is also an introvert, along with his past experiences.

“But I felt like it wasn’t the right color for me, and now I’m not doing it. “Even if it took me a long time to get close to people, I was able to get along deeply,” he encouraged Sang-hee by adding sincere advice.

Lim Si-wan, who arrived at the restaurant, showed a friendly side by lovingly coaching Sang-hee, who is still poor at parking due to a five-month novice driving, and also putting his heart and soul into selecting the menu for Sang-hee, who is allergic to shrimp.

Also, to Sang-hee, who said that living a normal life is her dream, “Ordinaryness is also an ideal that many people dream of.” He also sent warm support and encouragement, saying, “I think it would be good to focus more on the good things that only Sang-hee has.”

Finally, Lim Si-wan added emotion by delivering a laptop that was a surprise gift for Sang-hee and necessary for beginners in society. And to Sanghee, “Let’s make a promise.” “If something good happens or goes well, please send me a story,” he promised, and sent him off on his way home from work.

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