Let’s learn about famous Korean singer Park Hyo-shin

Let’s learn about famous Korean singer Park Hyo-shin

Park Hyo-shin goes to Bucheon Youth when she was a freshman in high school.I won the grand prize with Lee Ki-chan’s “Please” in My” and go to YMCA Youth.Let’s go to JemulpoI dreamed of becoming a singer by winning contests such as Je. On November 4, 1999, he made his debut on the public broadcast of SBS Radio Young Street, and his first album, “The Can’t Do,” was released in December 1999.

After his debut, his singing ability began to become known slowly, and on January 15, 2000, he appeared on KBS’s then popular program, “Isora’s Proposal,” sparking an explosive response. In response, the debut album sold 440,000 copies, ranking 15th in sales in 2000, and winning the 15th Golden Disc Rookie of the Year award and the 1st Internet Rookie of the Year award.

The title track of the second full-length album “Second Story,” released in February 2001, was very popular. The producer of the album was Yoon Sang, and many famous musicians such as Kim Dong-ryul, Cho Kyu-man, and Yoo Hee-yeol participated, showing a more sophisticated musical appearance. Although it was considered the most valuable album by fans, Park Hyo-shin himself said in an interview that it was not his album, but one that was excellent for composers.

The third full-length album “Time Honored Voice,” released in September 2002, sold 470,000 copies, and the title track “Good Person” topped SBS Popular Song for two consecutive weeks, the main prize at the 17th Golden Disc Awards and the 13th Seoul Music Awards.It was very popular, including winning the Main Prize at the Grand Prize.

The fourth full-length album “Soul Tree,” released in April 2004, posted sales of 140,000 copies, while the title track “Stand there” topped MBC’s music camp for two consecutive weeks, and the 15th Seoul Music StreetHe won the Main Prize at the Grand Prize and gained popularity. Meanwhile, the OST of KBS Monday-Tuesday drama 안전놀이터 “I’m Sorry, I Love You” released in November 2004 gained huge popularity with the popularity of the drama, and “Snow Flower” became a song that imprinted Park Hyo-shin’s name to the public.

The fifth full-length album “The Breeze Of Sea,” which was released in January 2007, was produced by composer and arranger Hwang Sung-je as the first album that Park Hyo-shin had not done so far, and the title songs “Memories resemble Love” and “Beautiful Love” became popular.

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