Lee Jihye, the 10th anniversary of “Elizabeth” in Seoul…

Lee Jihye, the 10th anniversary of “Elizabeth” in Seoul…

Lee Jihye, the 10th anniversary of “Elizabeth” in Seoul, has been successful…

Lee Jihye

While Lee Ji-hye finished her final performance in Seoul for the musical “Elizabeth” at Shinhan Card Hall in Blue Square on the 13th, she perfectly expressed Elizabeth’s beauty and despair, revealing her strong presence.

Lee Jihye perfectly expressed Elizabeth, who is remembered as the most beautiful empress in history, for 170 minutes, inviting the audience to the world of “Jiselle” by showing her perfect acting skills as if Elizabeth, the unlucky queen, was reincarnated, as well as her charming appearance beyond beauty, delicate emotional expression, and perfect singing skills.

In particular, Lee Ji-hye, who perfectly played from young Elizabeth with a lively and free-spirited personality to the loneliness of a human being hidden by glamour, made a big point in musical filmography in that she played Elizabeth in the 10th anniversary musical of Korea’s premiere.

As “Elizabeth,” where Lee Jihye is currently active, is a performance to commemorate the 10th anniversary of her Korean premiere, Lee Ji-hye, who plays Elizabeth, the main character of the musical “Elizabeth,” was under great pressure. However, Lee Ji-hye’s acting ability, which made even Todd fall in love, is from Robert Johansson, who directed “Elizabeth.” It was enough to shine “Elizabeth” even more, drawing rave reviews saying, “You have witnessed the greatest performance in musical history.”

In addition, the life of Elizabeth, drawn by Lee Ji-hye, the best cast in the Korean musical world, and the meeting of new casts led to the biggest box office “Elizabeth” in musical history, with the top ticket sales in September and October.

In the meantime, the audience’s praise for Lee Ji-hye, who is sharing the historic season of “Elizabeth,” also poured out. Through the review, the audience said, “I got goosebumps all along,” and “I was mesmerized by Lee Ji-hye’s Elizabeth.” He is responding to Lee Ji-hye’s performance with rave reviews such as “The Best Actor for Elizabeth” and “I think I know why Robert Johansson said he was born to do Elizabeth.”

Meanwhile, Lee Ji-hye will meet the audience through the steady-selling masterpiece musical “Elizabeth” in six cities in Busan, Cheonan, Jeonju, Daegu, Suwon and Seongnam until January 1, 2023, and will decorate the grand finale season of “Elizabeth.”

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